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Seeking non-vanilla-like TCs for gzdoom

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Hi all!

Between thousands of mods and megawads, I am eager to find great, released or at least full beta TCs, and make a list of them. After many hours of searching I found a few, like:


Inquisitor 3

Temple of the Lizard Men 4

Diablo 3D

Midguard Outlaw

Blade of Agony

Paranoid, Paranoiac

Interstellar Enforcer (demo, waiting for it...)


I love vanilla Doom, but I already found many great megawads full of imps, shotguns and cyberdemons - truly that many, so I can play them for the rest of my life : ) So I think of RPG mods and other TCs that not look and feel like Doom. I am sure there are many that I missed, and listing those here would help others with same taste.


(I welcome ideas about changing the topic name to make it more easy to find in the future)


gzdoom 4evah!

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