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How Do I Use Hellonearthstarterpack assests?


Hey guys, I'm a first time mapper and I wanted to use some of the vegetation on the hell on earth starter pack by Sgt_MarkIV. Whever I open the GZDoom builder and run the play test button all the trees, grass, and other props are there. However, when I open in with just GZDoom or Zandronum it's all missing. I even added all the graphics in Slade and it didn't work. What should I do?

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Make sure when you take resources from another source you credit accordingly. Sadly Sgt_MarkIV is absolutely abysmal at providing credits where required, so you'll have to look at the list of contributors to that project and probably credit them all.



Resource Contributors

Mike12, Captain Toenail, Revilution, David G., Eriance, Perkristian, Dr. Doctor, Crucux Duo, DoomNukem, JoeyTD, Das_M, Pa1nki113r, Jekyll Grim Payne.


Seriously, I wish people were better at providing thanks for the hard work others put into this community instead of giving a quick effortless mention without even saying what work was borrowed, not to mention how out of date some of those credits are. Eriance has long been known as Amuscaria.

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12 hours ago, DynamiteKaitorn said:


Was double-posting necessary? .-.

I would assume that it was accidental.

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