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Walter confetti

SpeedMapping Theme Challenge Randomized! - 7 level demo

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The hell is this?


It's a solo speedmapping exercise i started this summer where i'll make a map in one sit based upon one of these themes and a random number generator, every random number that comes out that day it will become the theme of my map!

Yeah, it sounds like real fun, isn't?


Fantastic, but do you have any links? Screenshots?


levels so far (includes a simple text file that shows you info about the levels you are going to play) (complevel 9)


Screenshots are in the spoiler below:









Feedback and demos are highly appreciated!

Also some advice about the themes (are they're good? Did they need to be changed to something else?) and the theme execution in the mapset (i have some troubles with MAP01, i'm not sure to get the theme perfectly)...


Have fun! Wait for more maps soon!

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Time limit is between 2 and 3 hours for each map, but actually is more loose than that, but it have to be finished a rough layout in the day I making the map, finishing editing will be done with the compiled maps in the main wad...

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Alright, had a swig of your quick brew, and I must say, it left quite nice aftertaste. I'm actually impressed, by how these maps play so nicely, despite the fact, that they were made in ~2 hours. Didn't notice any misalignments, and in overall texturing and monster placement is consistent. Here is vid of me playing through all of them, had to record it during recess, so I had to rush certain things, so my analysis might be slightly junky:


Map01 - level wise it's quite solid, however, I don't think it follows theme that well. Of course "5 rooms" could be interpreted in different ways, but I feel like each room should be much more defined to actually separate them from each other. I actually only counted 4 rooms, and I honestly can't really make it up to 5. 


Map02  - once again, the level itself is short and sweet, and I think theme was done quite well this time, so no complaints here.


Map03 - good thing I read themes only after playing this wad, or otherwise I would panic for sure. I think this map is balanced quite well, so not having health resupplies gives it nice edge, and in overall all encounters were executed well.


Map04 - Well, it certainly does feel like something out of Cyberdreams, so theme was executed really well in these regards. However, I managed to cheese red key encounter, which made me skip 1/3 of the map, I think this should be somehow fixed. Also, I wonder, is there any point to computer area map? Or is it there just for the item count?


Map05 - I think it's my favourite from all these maps so far, map layout based on silly pictures sounds quite weird as concept at first, but it was executed perfectly, and the whole thing plays in a fun and engaging way.


Map06 -  I think theme of barrels was used to quite decent degree, I actually felt like it was a good choice to still include normal encounters to spruce things up. I feel like there is slight room for improvement in terms of creative use of barrels, but in overall this whole map is pretty good for what it is.


Map07 - Considering theme, it's no surpise that this map turned out quite decent, since there is a lot of room for improvisation, the only grudge I have with it is the spidermastermind encounter, I think it's a little bit dull, other than that, quite liked that one.


So, yeah, good job, so far this thing is quite solid. I will pray for gods of luck to roll you some interesting themes, like "200 monsters of one type and one room" (not sure how it's even possible to make this even remotely decent to play, but who knows) or "Map based upon your favorite midi".



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Thanks for all the feedback and the video!

About 5 rooms, is actually based upon this: 


In other words, a room is what you see at first sight in the game...

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6 hours ago, BioRenegat said:

Also, I wonder, is there any point to computer area map? Or is it there just for the item count?


Just for item count... did i change it to something else?


EDIT: finished 2 new maps yesterday and today, a picture of today's map and the levels itself:





MAP08 (01/10/18)
Theme: Use crushers as main weapon
Build Time: 59 minutes

Warning: there's a missing tag in this map at the blue skull room, you need to idclip to take this object.


MAP09 (02/10/18)
Theme: Romero head
Build Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes


Music and fixing will come when this are in the main mapset, also the bugs you found will have some fixing, started on map04...

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