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Why does this map (copenhagen subway) use silent teleport? There's no room over room needed.


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I just checked it in an editor, and there's definitely a need of room over room without those teleporters.

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wasn't even a "silent" teleport for me

i mean he's trying to model a real place i assume, typically in subways you need some way of getting past the train tracks, surely would've been an obvious consideration

had some fun looking at this though, very oldskool lol

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On 9/29/2018 at 7:44 PM, invictius said:

I thought that was only needed for room over room

I can think of another good use of a silent teleport for example in shadows of the nightmare realm in the first map. It doesn't directly influence how the map plays in terms of combat, but it is a potent tool to use in example for atmospherical reasons.


EDIT: Another benefit of silent teleports is that you have no "teleport fog", which means you can move instantly, rather than being stuck in the sprite for a while, which is what usually happens with action 97 "WR teleport".

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