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Doom 2016 all of a sudden randomly freezing up?

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Ever since I got the new GPU, Doom 2016 has been running great but I've noticed, going through Advanced Research Complex and a fair bit of Lazarus Labs, it's now randomly having freezing fits as I'm going through them. The music will keep playing but it'll just be at a freeze frame, with the mouse sometimes being taken so I'm forced to use keyboard motions on Task Manager to force it closed.


I read that setting the Virtual Page to Low and making it Borderless Window help, but I've tried both of those and it didn't stop the freezing fits. It doesn't freeze consistently in the same areas, it seems to be at random. I've actually had it freeze in the menu, before. According to someone I know, the game has memory leaking problems?

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1 hour ago, MetroidJunkie said:

Ever since I got the new GPU


Hm, I wonder, could it be related to the GPU itself or perhaps it's a driver issue?


Did you also format your HDD or use DDU after upgrading your GPU?

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Actually, the opposite, the game used to crash just trying to load Kadingir Sanctum or Destroyed Argent Facility when trying to reach them from the menu. At least these freezes are random and don't occur consistently just when the level's trying to load, so it's not as bad as it used to be, I just wish they'd stop altogether.

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