Fixes/features since 3.61b4 Fake splitscreen support: you need to enable the 'vid_activeinbackground', 'i_soundinbackground' and the new 'joy_background' cvars. Start two copies of LZDoom from different folders (e.g. with ZDL), one with -host 2 and another one with '-join'. You need a dual core CPU, you'll probably get the best results using software D3D and setting 'r_multithreaded' to 0. Set player two to use the gamepad (left stick to move, right one to look around) and give the focus to player one, works for DInput and SDL. Gives a warning instead of error out on unsupported ZScript version (3.8.3), hacked to run most mods with the original fonts. Support for SIGIL and NERVE as iwads. More DOOM2 compatibility fixes. Auto level compatibility is now optional by Enjay's request: 'sv_njnoautolevelcompat' cvar. Gives a warning on level load. Fixed crash with Eviternity on level end. Huge update with tons of stuff from GZDoom such as the JIT compiler for 64 bit. Reminder: savegames in LZDoom are sorted by filename (slot), to restore the old order use the 'oldsaveorder' cvar.   Download Windows 64 bit Windows 32 bit Linux 64 bit Linux 32 bit mac OS Source code   Original post From the creators of GZDoom Vintage, ZDoom LE, ZDoom32, ZDoom CL, RUDE and probably even more i can't remember right now comes LZDoom.
This is the old ill-fated legacy build. Yes, D3D and DDRAW are back with a vengeance. Just kidding.
This will help some people experiencing crashes with the vintage build on some old intel and ati "cards". Of course it will run on older hardware.
I could release a non SSE2 build if there's enough demand but for XP minimum. Same for Linux.
It's based on GZDoom 3.3.2 so it's the new old GL renderer with most of the later stuff added. AFAIR a couple of important things are missing: 2D shape and thick line drawers, i added fake drawers so it won't crash. Also you can expect a few extra silly features.
Of course this is unofficial . It's here:

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