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Man of Doom

Story-related hints in Deluxe Edition foreshadowing what could happen in DE or Doom 6?

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So over at r/Doom, I found this thread that discusses a UAC booklet found in the Doom 2016 deluxe edition (which is why I posted it here and not in the DE forum). Thread is here:


At first, we get the usual “welcome to Mars” fluff:



However, there’s another section of the booklet that actually hinted what really was to come in Doom Eternal:



Finally, we get what’s either just a simple acknowledgement of the Doom Bible or a hint that Phobos and Earth may not be the only UAC-related locations:



What’s particularly interesting about this last hint is that we have no clue if this is a location we get to visit in Doom Eternal or a subsequent entry that will follow. 


If anyone could get more pages from this booklet, that would be appreciated. 



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We got a bayonet, we got flying Imps, we got Tei Tenga...


Finally a Doom Alpha/Bible project thats going to get complete!

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