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Man of Doom

(Indirect) Doomslayer Face Reveal?

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So over at r/Doom, someone with a very good eye actually appeared to have discovered what the Doomslayer without his helmet looks like.


Of course, it’s at the very beginning of the gameplay footage where he’s putting on his helmet.

Here, distinct facial features are much harder to make out as his face appears to be mostly covered in shadow, but his hair is what stands out because it looks familiar (in fact, too familiar):








Yes, I’m well aware of the face model the Doomslayer has in D2016, but I’m pretty sure that was meant as more of a placeholder, in order to show that there is a face behind the helmet. 


Regardless, this is extremely interesting to notice, and it shows that the guys at id are really putting in attention to detail.


Plus, another part of me thinks it’s kind of reminiscent of Dredd, during the beginning of the movie where Judge Dredd is suiting up, and we see the only time where he isn’t wearing his helmet, although we only see the back of his head and his face is completely covered in shadow. 

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What hair? I can't see shit.


EDIT: Alright, I kinda see the blonde wolf3d style "hair"

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That's a picture of a shadow.  I see zero recognizable facial features, or facial features at all for that matter.  Possibly the tip of a nose, or something, but not much else.

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I think this is a case of mistaken pattern recognition. In the first shot, the spacial location of the "nose tip" along with the lighting on it doesn't make any sense, and in the second shot we see what is clearly a destroyed wall behind the player. In both shots you should be able to clearly see a face in the visor since the player is looking directly at it. My bet is that as of the Eternal trailer, Doomslayer doesn't have a face modeled at all.

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7 hours ago, Marn said:

My bet is that as of the Eternal trailer, Doomslayer doesn't have a face modeled at all.


Even though it´s not from Eternal, at least for Doom 20016 there is a face model (at 2:28 onwards) ...

Looks a bit like Earl Hindman, maybe thats the reason for the face mystery.



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I thought he was supposed to have angelic cherub like facial features with a head full of curly blond locks and blue eyes.

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Doubt that it's supposed to look like that, hell, I doubt they'll ever show the guy's face. Still, you can only speculate.

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Hell, now that I remember, the real-life scaled doomguy statue has a pretty seeable face.




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