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Would love to know what you all think...

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...despite the fact that I'm stubborn and probably just looking for praise.  Haha.  If I got some of the credits wrong in the description, please don't yell at me!  I'll fix it.  I borrowed a lot.


My map is a heavy edit of E1M1 that brings all the ambient lighting down to zero and makes it super creepy.  I use glowing flats, brightmaps and dynamic lights in various forms to make it navigable, and have changed other aspects of the level to add a layer of realism (switches for doors, reverb, etc.).  There are also some random additions that I put in just because. 


It's the first level of a megawad I plan to make this way.  There will be many, many things added in future levels.  It might get a bit spastic, but at least the next level will be a little harder than this one!  This one's super easy.  Hopefully what it lacks in difficulty it makes up for in sheer cool factor?  I mean, despite the fact that it's not totally from scratch.



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I assume that this is for GZDoom. I also assume that the new resources are included with the map, since you didn't reference anything else.


I haven't played the map, but these are my thoughts based on the screenshots:

The glowing red eyes look really good in the nearly total dark.

The lattice work over the windows contributes to a creepier, more claustrophobic feeling.

I don't like the way the hanging lights looks in this type of base. They seem more like an alien temple type of thing, not a tech/starbase type of thing.

The overhead lamps that create a cone of yellow light seem to fit better in this level.


Overall, it seems like it could be an interesting dynamic and could be very interesting for Hell levels. I think you could definitely create an oppressive vibe to levels like this (even the outdoor areas look duller and less vibrant), although that might eventually get to be a little much if you had to play through 27/32/36 levels of that. Or maybe not. I would be interested in seeing what else you do with this megawad.


I also suggest that you eventually move to making your own original work, not just heavily edit the iwad levels.


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