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How can I add custom things in Doom Builder 2


So, basically, I'm using Doom Builder 2 because I'm currently making a WAD. The WAD is going to be based around horror and stuff like that, but I'm pretty new to the engine, and is amazing. The only deal, is that I don't really know how to add custom items/weapons/enemies/etc and I was wondering if someone could, I don't know, redirect some good tutorials, or some tips, or something like that. 


Also, if you could help with lightning or stuff like that (I dont know, like some lantern, like that horror WAD, i think it was Lasting light?)

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A good place to start is Realm667.com, which is a depository for custom assets. You just download the wads and can put them in your map. There's just a couple of things to do first:


1) Make sure you have Slade installed, and open the wad with it. Find the file (or Lump in wad terminology) called Decorate, and open it. At the top will be the name of the new asset, and then a bunch of code afterwards.  If the name has a number afterwards, you're set. This is the Editor Number, and it let's you place the Thing in the map. If it doesn't, add a space and then write one yourself. Anything between 10000 and 20000 is fine (lower numbers have already been taken by the usual Doom Things). Save the Decorate and the Wad.


2) Open your map in Doom Builder, and at the beginning is an option for Adding Resource. Select the Wad and your new Thing should appear in your editor, likely down at the bottom of the list under User-Defined.


Eventually if you end up releasing your map you'll need to learn how to merge the assets into your own wad, but there's no rush on that. Have fun trying out new Things!

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