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Map Design and Automap Color

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Hey. So Doom 2's maps were sweet, my all-time favorite being The Chasm. Downtown being my other favorite map. Although, there are people that say the maps in Doom 2 barely look like anything from Earth, and I can see why. Chasm's perfect though in my opinion. The secrets don't even seem like secrets, like one of the maps having a switch in front of a door at an area that opens when activated and leads to...a secret. A Light Amplification Visor in a map that barely has dark rooms. You get the Combat Shotgun a bit too early in Map 02 of Doom 2. FreeDoom won't have the same errors, right?


The automap for FreeDoom could have different colors, maybe the opposite of Doom's color palette. For example, the walls on the map could be blue, orange, or purple. Background color could be white. What do you think?

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unfortunately the automap colors is based via the engine running freedoom so there's not much we can do about it.
about the mapping things you say i cant agree or disagree the mapping in freedoom is "generic"

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