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Strange bugs when modifying sprites and sounds in Vanilla DOOM2.WAD via SLADE

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So, I am replacing vanilla DOOM2 sounds and sprites with my own ones, using SLADE editor. But as soon as I soon as I replaced somewhat many sprites, I encountered an error while running this game in vanilla DOOM2 launched via DOSBOX, as soon as I start moving on the entryway map:

R_ProjectSprite: invalid sprite frame 89 : 0

In Zandronum source port, the latest texture I replaced (CSAWA0, chaingun pickup sprite) remains the vanilla one, regardless of having the same size and offset.

The wad I've made is attached to this post.

Would appreciate any help.


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Nice one, just go ahead and illegally distribute the vast majority of DOOM2.WAD. Delete this, now.


You need to make a PWAD, not edit your IWAD. That is, to add your new resources in an empty wad of their own, and load it on top of DOOM2.WAD.

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You do realize that redistributing content from the IWAD's is illegal, right? They are still commercially available, and your wad is essentially doom2.wad, with a couple minor edits.

Delete all the IWAD content first, then run the wad with doom2.wad and in the command line, write "-merge <your wad>".

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I have deleted the attachment because it was a lightly edited IWAD. In general it is considered a bad idea to redistribute all the original assets along with your new stuff, for storage space as well as copyright reasons.

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