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Doom3 Ruiner mod returns

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The d3 modding scene has been very quiet...  hopefully this will help liven it up a bit :)

The Doom 3 mod Ruiner is back & should have an update by next month.


Now going under the name Rivensin,  the mod is running on the Dhewm 3 source for better hd display support, 32 & 64 bit os & more. 

 Full source code is up on github. The 2.5 side scroller, hardqore, for Doom3 is also there & many development documents for the Rivensin mod are also up.  


Many aspects of the mod have received various tweaks, changes & fixes. 


I’m currently looking for beta testers for next release.  If all goes well, I’ll follow this build with finishing the levels & adding the missing areas to the current ones.


New videos, info, images & patch log can be found on the mod db page:






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This was one of the mods I was so hyped for when it was first announced so needless to say I was disappointed when it got cancelled.


Glad to see and hear it's back though! :3

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I remember everyone was burned out towards the end.  I hung up my modding boots for years for large scale projects. After a long break,  I’m back & enjoying it.


It’s been fun going through everything & giving it more polish & depth.  It also helped that I kept everything used & unused for the project all this time.  Made starting it back up much faster.


I have a few more goodies left to add in before release such as the nails from the nail guns sticking into everything as intended.

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