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Aquatika (a map for Gzdoom)

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I finally decided to show the project i worked on during the summer.

Even the demons of hell need some relaxing but can they really enjoy it?

Of course not because the our hero is on the way to paint all the thermal water red!!

You have to get through the damned ancient spa and it's outside area, finding keys and get rid of those nasty hell creauter

You have to find all the skull keys (two of them being possesd by higher ranked monstras who locked themselves so you have to find different ways to get rid of them)

the wad itself is close to finish (i don't want to upload it to the archives yet) but the map is mostly playable (i hope I didn't miss any damn action line facing the wrong direction). I have university so i have lack of time for dealing with it but try to finalise it soon.

DL: under fixing
Screenshots (the last two panorama is made from an unreachale spot in case of showing the scenery)

EDIT due to finding some errors  bugs that prevent the player'progressing the link will be down until fixing those 

EDIT 2 : i tried to fix most of the problems but there's usually smaller problems I tend to miss. Any future feedbacks apreciated

EDIT 3 : somehow managed to make some lines block the player during the editing . Will be fixed in days






Graphic used
Palmtrees, Bubbles and Lavacauldron By CaptainToeNail
phobos rocks by kdizd Team
Textures: CC4tex.wad, 
          Baker's legacy texture wad and a few texture from AncienAliens.wad

Music used
Title theme: Intermission by Kevin Schilder (Heretic)
level music: Astral Dreaghnout by James Paddoc (Plutonia 2) 
             UpperNorfair theme by     Kenji Yamamoto (Super Metroid)



Edited by HUNdebLeonidasX : remove link

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