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I like the sky. I assume it's one of the skies that you made?


The opening to Map 02 could be a bit on the annoying side, but at least you gave the player a Megasphere in Map 01.


I liked the library in Map 01. It was a nice looking room.


It was nice that you elected to have the revenants and imps facing away from the player so that the player would have a chance to get the first shot in.


I think you have at least 1 cyberdemon in every map you've submitted here. Cyberdemons in every map aren't my thing, but I can appreciate that you like them and like using them.


Overall, not exactly my cup of tea, but not bad.


May I suggest you submit a map to DMP 2018? The beat your own map on UV shouldn't be an issue for you and I would like to hear what Suitepee has to say about your level.

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