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I'm late to my own birthday :c

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For an entire day!
"I'm late to my own birthday" is my first vanilla mapping experience, and a late present to myself for a birthday.
A single town themed vanilla map on the MAP01 slot.
IWAD is doom2.wad
Tested with Chocolate Doom and GZdoom.
JUMPING* and crouching is bad, i will get sad in you do
Skill level is "Fairly hard"
i didn't really implement the difficulty levels, so playing on UV is prefered, changes to enemies on every other difficulty level are minimal.

SHOUTOUTS TO @Aquila Chrysaetos@leodoom85 and @Dragonfly.

Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeenies (took using gzdoom)



The map itselfffffffffffffffffffff:

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This is very good for a first time map. The ammo count is appropriate, but there's a bit too much unnecessary health. I found it slightly easy when played on Ultra Violence.  

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I recorded my playthrough of this map. I really enjoyed it! The layout was great, and the monster placement was excellent.


I noticed a mistake, though: The berserk secret affects at least one nearby sector, and if you go check it out there's a missing texture and HOM effect.


And I don't know if this was really a mistake or if I missed something, but I looked pretty thoroughly and didn't find a way into the exit other than noclip. The lift up into the room seemed to be broken, in that it didn't raise high enough to actually go in. At first I thought maybe the emphasis on "JUMPING*" in your post was a joke and a clue that I had to jump to get in, but in fact jumping is disabled in the mapinfo lump...


I do also have one complaint, and that's how even though the layout was great, there were a lot of narrow corridors that were at times lowkey annoying to walk through, getting snagged on the walls and corners all the time. I think the map could have benefitted from just a little bit more room to move around in.



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1 hour ago, meapineapple said:

The lift up into the room seemed to be broken, in that it didn't raise high enough to actually go in. 


At first when i saw your vid i thought that was a port issue, and i'm afraid you've just missed a switch.


But i'm glad you enjoyed my map!

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