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a problem with zandronum

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i am using zandronum 3.0 but i use a high texture pack, in hardware render appear the textures but in software no


what happen?

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Hi-def textures is a GL-only feature. I don't know is ZDoom ever supported hi-def textures, but if it did, then Zandronum will eventually get that in software, too.

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is not the option to what I mean, is a mod of textures that I use but zandronum does not recognize it, but if I open it in opengl zandronum recognizes it

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Posted (edited)

That's odd. For regular custom textures, it shouldn't matter whether you use software or GL. I would have to see this texture pack to have a chance to figure out what is going on.


2 minutes ago, Kore said:

Just play in opengl. What's the problem?

If he is using the textures to make a wad for Zandronum, he will want players using software mode to see them, too.

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Those are hi-def textures, which are only for GL mode, like I said earlier.

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