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4 Seasons of DOOM (on idgames)

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20 hours ago, Forli said:

@Lingyan203 I watched your videos, thank you, it was nice to se someone play through all of these.

You're welcome! I hope the videos will be an inspiration for someone who wants to try and beat the levels too :)

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I finally finished this! Had to save-scum through the aforementioned raisey-lowerey lava bit in map 3, but made it.

Map 4 was fun, that mastermind room was quite clever.


Definitely worth playing.

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@pumperstew Thanks for playing!

That particular fight requires some unusual tactics so I can see why it can cause some trouble, don't feel bad about savescumming, I do it all the time

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On 10/8/2018 at 12:40 AM, Forli said:



 A set of 4 boom maps themed after each of the 4 seasons.

-Tested with zdoom and prboom+, IWAD is doom2

-The maps are designed for pistol starts (but you can play continuous if you want)

-Difficulty settings are implemented

-The maps are a bit long and can be a bit tricky at times so make sure to save often

-Also, there are a few custom monsters, make of that what you will...






  Reveal hidden contents












Please let me know what you think (some stuff may be changed for the final version), hope you enjoy it.

I have simply LOVED it. Really original. You need to continue creating maps, your style is interesting


Edited by Van Daemon

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Just finished Map01 and holy crap was that an exhausting experience. 1 hour to complete 1 map is a bit of an undertaking and honestly after 30 minutes I was really ready to wrap it up and started to ignore a lot of monsters. The theme and visual presentation of the map was great but the gameplay not so much, unfortunately. The majority of my experience was wandering around this enormous map trying to remember where the key doors were and what on earth that switch I just pressed activated. The fights were pretty straight forward, slaughter-lite romps in which almost every key or item you pick up dumps a predictable truckload of mid tier baddies down on your ass. Fortunately these fights weren't too difficult as your primary weapon throughout the whole map will be a well stocked rocket launcher. My overall experience with the first map was pretty mixed but I still intend to play through all 4 maps as my experience wasn't bad enough to turn me off of the wad for good, and in the end I still had fun. I'll likely be playing the rest of these maps on HMP rather than UV for a hopefully smoother experience. 

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Of course you can use it, I made it using the trash can prop from realm667 so I'm not sure how the credits should go.

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