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Disable smartaim using acs script.

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So I'm making a Wad and I'm using an older version of beautiful Doom that just has the objects so I can use natural torch lighing. The problem is that players will have a message on screen yelling at the to turn smartaim to 3. I want to fix this buy running a script that instantly sets smart aim to 3. I can't figure this out because it keeps telling me I have the wrong identifier. Here is what I am trying to put into my script.


script 11 (void)
    setcvar (v; Sv_smartaim, 3)    


The V is a placeholder as I could not find anywhere what to put there in that.

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I don't think it is possible to set built in CVARs with ACS, only read them. You can only do this with CVARs added from a mod.

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That V doesn't belong there. Furthermore, the CVar being set is a string, so it should be in quotes, and you need a semicolon, like this:

SetCVar ("SV_SmartAim", 3);

This will still not work, though, because as Nevander and the page I linked said, you can't set built-in CVars, only user-defined ones. That is why Beautiful Doom is displaying that message rather than setting it for them.

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