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How do I edit Pick up texts


okay I just want to know how I edit pick up texts in doom so when you are playing doom it will show you in the corner of the screen "you pickup a health bonus" or something 


 here is an image for some understanding 


I just want to edit that text to something else if you know how to thanks you also preferable if you can teach me how to do this in Slade 3 since that is what I use

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This is the sort of thing that the dehacked program is for. (Or whacked on more modern windows computers.) These programs are a GUI for creating a dehacked patch. A dehacked patch is a text lump that can change various bits of game content, including the same text you mentioned. You can open the freedoom wad in Slade to see an example; freedom replaces most (all?) of the in game text with a dehacked lump. 

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If you are aiming for a port that supports DECORATE, you can do something like this in the DECORATE lump:

Actor HealthBonus2 : HealthBonus replaces HealthBonus
  PickUpMessage "A health bonus! Nice!"

If you are inheriting from an actor (which is what the : HealthBonus is doing in the code above), you only need to include what you are changing.\


Repeat for each item whose pick-up message you want to change. This page should help you find the actor names of everything in Doom and Doom2:


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