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EXP System and how to Slade it


First time using this forum because I really need help to solve a thing. 
Trying to make my first Gun Mod, but i get and ideia: How about Damage Multiplier System? I need to know how to configure a XP variant without a cap (virtualy with a giant unreacheble cap) with give +1 damage to the character every level
And i need to know how to use it, because is hard to understande the Wiki in how to integrate complicated scripts. Already have the weapons and the Regen system, but need to find someone who know how to do this Level Up System, a very simple one

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What I imagine:


Create an invisible inventory actor with a max amount of say, 10, and have the player start with none of this item. This will track your experience. Every time a monster is killed, give 1 of the inventory item to the player. Check for when the player reaches the max amount, then take all of the items away, raise the max capacity, and give the player a custom powerup that never runs out and modifies damage output by a certain amount.


From there, you could experiment and make tougher monsters give you more experience. You could even make experience into drops the player has to pickup.

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