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trying to make a chicken in decorate


i'm having trouble finding a template for the chicken in heretic... but i have taken the frames and want to put it in my Brutal compatible mod

is there any sample decorate for a chicken or wildlife about? i can't really inherit here i guess (i'm in Doom2 i am taking the chicken for my wild west theme)

i have been googling about and can't find anything... i just need the most basic wildlife template and i have tried the great google

edit: i understand i can't inherit the original heretic chicken as i'm not in heretic (i think)?

edit2: i just realised i've never played heretic... i didn't realise the chicken was for the player.... so i guess i need a generic dumb wildlife AI of sorts

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sorry can i also ask then... as i just added the chicken to my decorate (pretty cool for like no work at all)

however they're very feisty chickens... which actually is sorta great... however is there any way of making them neutral at all so they don't chase anything? more like wildlife (i was remembering outlaws)

it's pretty funny regardless, this is a great source of amusement setting up chicken fights with the friendly AI

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