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Alien Seed Games

Alien Resurrection PSX Textures RIP Project V4.1 (UPDATED)

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Alien Resurrection PSX Textures RIP   ( Update V4.1 )


I been working hard at this up tilll 2 in morning on work nights lol.

version 4 all most doubled the texture amount. its about 85% if the game now i reaction.


I try to rember all the textures buy sight witch is hard. so there might bee a double up of sum textures.


I have never seen these posted eney were alse.


Please i would love to see sum maps made with thease!


( I DO NOT OWN OR MAKE! ) these are from the PSX game of course


V 4.1   16/10/2018




Old version 3


OLD Version V2


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Why are the grid dimensions nonstandard? 66x66 or 132x132 instead of 64x64 or 128x128.

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That is the size the artist made them in.  66x66 it seams

( Correction got it rong soz 66x66 is the size the ePSXE emulator seems to save them in to memory )


The first version of the sheet the pixels were doubled but i stoped that and started copying them 1-1 from now on.

( Settings the ePSXE emulator to HI-Res Textures 2:Stretched sems to doubled the pixles i found )



I use Paintshop ProX6 to edit them so if you got a paint program that can snap to a grid its quite easy to work with that sheet.


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I really like them, they look really good. Yet, I would need them in a wad, because I am stupid and don't know how to use them otherwise. ;Q

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Are thats that next part i was geting to i like them so much its keepet me fueled in the long hours it takes to rip them lolz


So yes! i was about to ask if sum one could drop me a (list/how to) of a good simple fast program i can use to make doom/quake textures Please!


If i can find a good set up ill try make them in to texture format for at least doom and quake my shlfe.


Thank you all

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