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Spontanious Model "breaking" GZDooM


I decided to change one of the weapons in my up coming TMoD mod but weirdly when I decided to change the rifle to akimbo pistols (dual pistols) every time I fire the screen goes ape and spazzes out with the game's screen size. The regular size is still there but what is displayed freaks out like mad.


Here's a rough GIF of what happens (slowed down drastically since it moves like every 1-2 frames in-game).





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A new version of GZDoom was released very recently. Download it and see if the issue persists, as the changelog implies there might be a fix.





fixed: MD3s with a skin-less surface left the renderer in an undefined state. The frame interpolation factor wasn't reset and rendering prematurely aborted with no chance to recover.


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Well I got it to stop freaking out but it still doesn't render bizarrely... and now when a projectile flies across 2D sprites, the sprites go invisible for a second or two:


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