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I always felt these maps were underappreciated

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I've made a lot of maps in my time in the Doom community but there were two, especially, that I felt never got the recognition they deserved. The firs was Bloodworks, which really put the pedal to the medal and the 3d to the test.  The other was Mitnal, a map where I stepped up the 3d and the lighting (but backed off on the difficulty). I'm going to engage in some unapologetic self promotion and bring both of these to the fore. If you have never played them, I hope you enjoy them. Bloodworks is from 2003 but don't let the age fool you. I put 3d to the test and gameplay to the max. Enjoy. http://www.doomwadstation.net/bloodworks/bloodworks.html


Bloodworks video playthrough: 



The other map, Mitnal, while not as difficult as Bloodworks, is infinitely more intricate in depth (3d and shadowing). It is a single map that encompasses 4 separate entities. I hope you enjoy it.  I feel they should be and it is time for a new generation to play them.



Mitnal in Brutal Doom: 


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Those two were some of the first Doom pwad maps I ever played, and I've come back to them a couple of times over the years. I like both of them a lot.

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2 minutes ago, Not Jabba said:

Those two were some of the first Doom pwad maps I ever played, and I've come back to them a couple of times over the years. I like both of them a lot.

I am so glad you enjoyed them. They are undoubtedly my best 2 and Bloodworks is definitely my #1

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21 minutes ago, Brad_tilf said:


The presentation is a serious obstacle. First, the download link for Bloodworks is marked by 'Download Zdoom 38.cab + /Legacy version' rather something more intuitive such as 'Download Bloodworks.wad'. So that means you have to find this explanation buried in a wall of text in order to want to click that link.



Some explantation: The first download is a single combined file that works with Legacy (all versions as far as I can tell) and the Zdoom version that came with 38.cab or higher.

Luckily I skimmed and got there quite fast. Even then I was still hesitant to do so, because 'Zdoom 38.cab + /Legacy version' look like things I definitely don't want. (I would assume that a big chunk of the 1679 counted downloads are by bots.)  

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Until that link is updated, here is a mirror for each:





I enjoyed each of these old maps when I played them. I'd recommend giving them a quick try; both are fairly short maps.

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Well, if we can update this thread to the most underappreciated maps of Doom in our opinion, here are my picks:


Way too many dead guys


Sure, it's still in the beta phase, but I've yet to see something as quality as the design of these maps, particularly Contact, Descent and Breach. Cage is a bit annoying, but Urthar promised he will redesign it for the better. I mean these maps use vanilla assets, don't look obstrusive at all (like many modern levels), but at the same time you can feel the space, the height, the 3D, all felt like real places, original ones instead of imitations, and gameplay always felt classic in style without unnecessary slaughterfests and annoying puzzles (before Cage).


Redemption of the Slain


How this masterpiece didn't win a Cacoward is beyond my understanding. It was made by a pro (NRFTL ace Russel Meakim), and while BD focus did hurt the balance of the earliest parts of the map (yea, that Caco spam), it's still perfect with standard GZDoom elements, and the design, the ideas like the hidden spectre area, the cinematic fights (like in the castle with the switches or the bridge with cacos from side towers), it very well should have been a commercial release.

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