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k8vavoom: no good thing ever dies! (2019, Nov 29 build)

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thank you!


33 minutes ago, Voltcom said:

But also runs very smoothly.

not as smooth as i want it to be, tho. but have no fear, my friends: i am working on making it even faster! moving renderer to separate thread is slowly progressing, for example. and when i'll finish with that, we'll have the whole frame to run game simulation instead of dividing it between playsim and OpenGL. this will prolly (i hope) give us smooth framerate even in most slaughtermaps.


sadly, i still don't have enough time to restore and improve networking. but i'm not planning to drop multiplayer, and sooner or later it will return, new and shiny!


p.s.: many zdoom/zandronum mods are running with k8vavoom too. and i am working hard on improved decorate support.

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46 minutes ago, ketmar said:

this will prolly (i hope) give us smooth framerate even in most slaughtermaps.


"Damn, I'm looking good!"


Can't wait to see that happen, blowing everything up with fancy visuals :D . It's probably about time I finally try k8 but the one thing that kinda bugs me is the lack of stable releases like all the other ports do, which makes me feel like every new version is "beta quality" software. This actually sounds exciting now, rofl.

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1 hour ago, seed said:

the one thing that kinda bugs me is the lack of stable releases like all the other ports do, which makes me feel like every new version is "beta quality" software

all other software is "beta quality" too. only i am honest, and don't try to disguise that with "release" label. like, 'cmon, modern games are often not even of "alpha" quality! ;-)


tbh, i am not a big fan of "releases". i am working on randoms things i like to do today (that doesn't mean that i don't have a plan/vision, it just means that there is no defined order for features i have in my plan/todo). when something is done, and i played with that new thing at least several days, i consider it "done".


actually, i have only one, but very dedicated GNU/Linux tester (thanks, man!), and zero testers for windows. so you can't expect anything better from "official releases" than you have now from my "public builds". actually, the less people downloading and playing with k8vavoom, the less quality is there. so you can make the engine better by simply using it, and reporting bugs. i cannot promise that i will fix all reported bugs quickly, but i'm taking notes, and sooner or later will fix what i can.


also, i am using k8vavoom to play Doom every day (because i started my fork not because i really wanted to code Doom, but because i wanted to have an engine i like to play Doom ;-), so crashes tend to be fixed ASAP. as for more decorate features and such -- i am progressing quite slowly, because most things i want to play either works "acceptably", or will never ever work anyway (like, they have zscript, or using some specific GZDoom feature i don't want to implement at all; or there are no public specs -- like for additional ACS opcodes and chunks, which i won't implement until The Official Specs will be written).



ok, tbh, this wall of text means "k8vavoom public builds are actually releases". ;-) i am trying to do at least one release per month, so people can follow the development. it is prolly somewhat unusual rate, but hey, why not? as k8vavoom is "minor" sourceport (in the terms of userbase, not features ;-), i feel that i have to give my users something new they can play with as often as i can. this is my form of saying "thank you for your interest in k8vavoom", i guess.

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hm. and i though that i mastered revenant rocket avoiding technique. it's hard to describe just how wrong i was! now i fixed the bug that made state ticker skip some tics (i hope ;-), and found that those homing missiles are as deadly as they always were... i am almost ready to put that bug back again.

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i think we'll get a new build soon. i want to try some intrusive changes (i won't speak about it more, because i don't know if it won't become a dead end), and i also have a big enough changelog (in case you wonder before, changelog size is *the* thing i'm using to decide if it is time to "release").


also, one of Heretic bugs @ReaperAA reported earlier wasn't just a small cosmetic thing, that was my royal fuckup with bitmasks, and it completely broke some mobj flags. yay. that's why every bug report matters! ;-)

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