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ArkaDOOM 0.3.1 Demo

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So, I come back with another map/mod.


The premise of the map/mod is simple; it is an Arkanoid clone, but it is done in GZDoom (similar to what Xaser did about a little more than a decade ago). Do note that this is a demo and there's only 3 maps, more maps will be added.



  • Made using ZScript and ACS.
  • Life and Score system.
  • Compatible with gameplay mods.


GZDoom 3.7.0 or higher.

Controls and gameplay:

Control the Doom Marine by moving your mouse. You need to hit the Ball to keep it from hitting the bottom of the map and to destroy bricks. If the ball hits the bottom of the map, you lose a life. If your life counter drops down to 0, you will be killed.

To Do:

  1. Add some powerups (they are already implemented but there aren't any sprites). Only the Fireball powerup has a sprite, but some other powerups lack pickup sprites.
  2. Earning lives when you score 25000.
  3. Allow the player to get weapons by destroying bricks.
  4. Grounded Doom monsters (not sure yet.)
  5. Make better level design.
  6. Sound (currently only done for the invisible glass bricks).

In the meanwhile, enjoy!

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qaZuaLce0ivozJO2Khk-5MObQUra4jaY/view?usp=sharing




Edited by Cacodemon345

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The voxels will be replaced with models. There's also new skyboxes. Some more aesthetical changes coming up.


Also, I want to open up ArkaDOOM for new map submissions made by others.

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ArkaDOOM 0.2 has been released!

  1. Implemented lives scoring system.
  2. Fireball powerup added.
  3. Voxels are now replaced with models.
  4. Music has been changed, replaced with Passport.mid.
  5. 2nd map has been added, introduces invisible bricks.
  6. Skyboxes has been replaced with new skyboxes made by Mechadon.
  7. New brick type: Invisible Bricks. First hit will make them visible, 2nd hit will break them.

Due to some changes preparing to add the break-through powerup that will make the ball go through bricks while destroying them, GZDoom 3.7.0 or higher is now required.

Edited by Cacodemon345

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Enjoy some updates, this time planning Expander powerup, 3rd map introducing indestructible bricks, and ball speeding up according to the amount of bricks you destroyed when you hit the player and according to the difficulty setting.

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Hall Of Fame is also going to be a thing. The next update will also introduce grounded Doom monsters (spawns sometimes after you destroy a brick). Ball splitter powerup is also planned.

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ArkaDOOM 0.3 released:

  1. Grounded Doom Monsters! They will sometimes spawn after you hit a brick. Hit them with the ball to kill them. Can be toggled in the options.
  2. Colored Bricks.
  3. More Powerups! Current ones are: Expander, Shrinker, Ball Split, Life, Plasma Rifle weapon, Thunder powerup, Ripper powerup.
  4. 3rd map included (introduces indestructible bricks).
  5. Indestructible golden bricks. They aren't required to be destroyed in order to complete a level. They require 20 hits.
  6. Hall Of Fame. You will see your score there if you get a high-enough score.
  7. New music taken from Blast Thru.
  8. Balls now have a white-ish tint.

Monsters will give you scores. They will also spawn powerups. If you get killed by them, you will lose a life and be resurrected. If you have no lives left when you get killed, you will be taken to the Hall Of Fame. Same if you have only 1 life left when your ball hits the bottom.

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ArkaDOOM 0.3.1 released!

  1. Replaced ogg music with mid ones (don't worry, they are the same and the ogg files were just recordings of those), reducing PK3 file size.
  2. Add Magnet Powerup.
  3. Level design has been improved.

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