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A mod to trow balance out of the window: WS

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Hello... i'm kinda nervous here heh
My first time posting a mod, it's is just a sprite work here and there with some edition on damage.

This mod i call Whitestell, it's a unfair, unfunny and all time broken mod to the mortaly chanllenged, but, if you're not, let me tell you, you may like it

Well, give it a go, i tried my best, some weapons pickup is kinda huge, but not to much broken


The weapons:

Dragon Breath; This is a simple pistol who discharge hot .50 lead, nothing new in the market

TItan Breach; An rifle powered by nuclear material, point and click

God Sweeper; Six Barrel Minigun with .12 shreding amunition

Death Touch; A Magic Missile.

Plague Rod; Made with a haunted tree, this thing can shot crows at the enemys and the alt fire can make you invisible

Slayer; A Sword whom 'borrow' enemy shadows

The Old Magic; Simple and straight foward burning hands who looks cool

THE OLD ONE; Well, this is fun, is a BFG with Demon Blood found by the communist, the secondary can make you invencible for a time


And the most fun part? None of them need amunition, ffs, they are HELL POWERED, why should them?

The downside? You cannot pick any health or armor, that's all



map: New Gothic Moviment 2 (not too shaby)Screenshot_1.png.e7e4e1e99e29ce6001d17022f13e0126.pngScreenshot_2.png.701e0617b58748da721f7bfe3259a761.pngScreenshot_3.png.d0a83898ade3b22b027822b227639699.pngScreenshot_4.png.5718dc2cfcab4b2e163a1abc5bfcd117.pngScreenshot_5.png.d4a0b8aaf5fe03ae08e3e78346111637.png

And some credits:


Sr69Mm-jC. for the regeneration cool bits
Pillowblast for the inspiration
Mr. Icarus who show me this world, full of shimmer and glimmer
Lighthyena who gave me a help hand

And the link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bkza92grmo92xyk/Whitestell.rar/file



Edited by Whitestellar

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Do you have screenshots or video with your mod showcase? Couple of them would help to see things. 

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1 hour ago, Myst.Haruko said:

Do you have screenshots or video with your mod showcase? Couple of them would help to see things. 

Been there, done that

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