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Doge Sword

Blue Doom - a joke wad

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Texture mod:


Every wall, floor, and ceiling is blue. Every sidedef. Monsters are the same as are levels.


Play this if you think you memorized the layout of a level and need a challenge; you will not see switches, teleporters, or doors. Otherwise, I recommend skipping it.

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I played the first two maps. Finding doors, hallways and passages with pass-through blue mid-textures was interesting. Ok, I get editing all the maps to make everything blue, but I don't know why OP also left everything else from the original iwad in there; all patches, flats, sprites, sounds, music and graphics. Completely unnecessary.


If you want to be thorough, here's a link for a custom palette called coldwave. It makes everything blue, grey, green and purple. That should take care of re-coloring the monsters and items too.




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