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How do you use custom soundfonts?

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This probably seems like the most noobish question I could ask, but I've looked around and googled how to do it but never could find a clear answer how. So I just want to know how to use them?


Just so you know, I'm using GZDoom.

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What you do is download the soundfont file such as the SGM-v2.01, and then a program like CoolSoft Virtual Midisynth. Open the Midisynth and add the soundfont file to it. This should make it appear as one of the sound options in GZDoom and work by default in PRBoom+.

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Or, even more easy in my opinion: Just download the soundfound, place it in the "soundfonts" folder in your GzDoom directory. Ingame you then choose at the "sound options" as midi player "fluidsynth". In the same menu there is "midi player options" and it's exactly there, where you can change the soundfont.

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