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[GZDoom]All keybindings cleared

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I know GZDoom things should be posted on the ZDoom forums but I can't be bothered to find my login information at the moment. 


I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary, just working on a map. I launch a test and now no key bindings work. I check the settings, all key bindings have been cleared. My GZDoom version was a bit old (3.1.0 I think?). I'm just wondering if this happened to anyone else, if it's just GZDoom, or something up with my computer.

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I've never experienced this before, but I'd update your copy of GZDoom regardless, we're now on 3.6.0 IIRC, which is quite a big jump! Perhaps the cause of this issue was resolved between versions?

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This happened to me too but I was running 3.5.0 and I was also working on a map with GZDoomBuilder


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