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judging doom 2016's multiplayer by it's own merits.

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Disk 1.


i will review doom's multiplayer to state that people that don't like it, don't know anything about professional reviewing. (including ign)

doom's multiplayer has "loadouts" which means that you can not pick up weapons exept for "power weapons" however, as you level up, you can create your own custom loadouts that suit your play style. i go with the combat shotgun and the super shotgun with the threat pulse and the vital signs rune. this way, i can start combat with the super shotgun, and alternate between the super shotgun and the combat shotgun to keep a fast fire rate. i can also see enemies and allies health and armor bars so that i know how dead they are. the threat pulse helps me track down enemies and invisible specters. i also choose a prowler as my demon, because the can fly and are slightly unstoppable. only slightly. the loadouts help newcomers to get accustomed to the multiplayer, but if you don't like that cause it's "different therefore ruined" (TGX's nemisis) then make your own multiplayer map in SnapMap without loadouts. experience can help you unlock weapons and armor customizations that won't be shown in game, but are still cool to look at. the combat has damage feedback which is suppossed to be satisfying to players like it is to me. also, damage numbers. i am a sucker for RPG's (because i played those fanmade sonic rpg's like MMSRPG as a kid) so this pleases me. anyway, i have stuff to do, so keep waiting for Disk 2.

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Disk 2


the gameplay is standard game modes like deathmatch and team deathmatch. it has A LOT of gamemodes and you can actually vote for what gamemode youre going to play. the gamemodes are explained briefly but effectively by loading screens and vega. i will not go into any details. these gamemodes are really fun to play, but my favorite mode is team deathmatch. your health does not regenerate, so health and armor pickups are scattered around the map to help you survive. there are even mega health pickups to max out your health and armor.

next up are runes. runes are things that help you either kill or not die. you have 3 rune slots, but can only equip 1 so pick one that suits your play style.




dooms multiplayer is drastically different then what youre used to. but, it's still a blast to play. just because it's different, doesnt mean its bad. many gamers default to this idea of "it's different, therefore ruined" even IGN goes by this mindset. they are not really proffesional reviewers. just ameteurs with opinions that dont matter. if you think that something is bad because it's different, then super mario 64 is the worst game of all time simply because it's not doom.


overall, i give the multiplayer a 8.7/10

it's got some flaws like glitches, but even these are just little nitpicks that don't ruin the experience. i highly reccomend playing multiplayer for doom 2016!

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People weren't pissed off because it was different, but because it isn't the classic Doom multiplayer in what's supposed to be a Doom game. It's something similar to what happened with Doom 3, to a degree.

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