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Hall Of Mirrors going ape in Chocolate DooM




For some reason, the corners of my map seem to freak out when I look towards the rest of the map. It's not a visplane overflow since the Visplane Viewer barely touches purple (mostly just blue still which is a low Visplane count) and the sectors ARE closed so I'm curious, what's causing my map to freak out whenever I look towards the centre?



I also took a screenshot in GZDooM 3.6 and it's rendering cleanly.


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It seems you hit the MAXDRAWSEGS limit in vanilla doom


Drawsegs Doom will not render more than 256 segs (128 in earlier versions) in a single scene. The rest will become HOM. Doom draws from front to back, so the furthest lines away from the player will typically disappear first.


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Is it only when you stand in certain spots and look certain directions? If so it could be a drawsegs overflow - in vanilla Doom the engine will only render 256 wall segments at any time and will just give up after that. The other likely culprit is just that the nodes aren't built properly, but since GZDoom will rebuild nodes internally it ends up looking fine in that.

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I don't know about the DB plugin, but in Visplane Explorer (the program) you can see the drawseg numbers by pressing 'D' key, and go back to visplanes by pressing 'V' key.

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