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Doom GBA has been completed in 10 Minutes.

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A few months back I updated all of you on the massive breakthroughs for this version in terms of speedrunning.

Well today is the day fellow Doomers... Doom GBA has been finished in 10 minutes!

My absolute lowest time now is 9:22! Its become an insane run with frame perfect tricks, that need to happen the first time they are executed. 1 in over 3,000 attempts. You have an easier time hunting for shiny pokemon... lol.

Thanks to ZeroMaster for better consistent wall clip method via PC TAS, Icy for letting me know about OOB, and all the peeps like Dime, JRMHD91, ooMOOMANoo, Depravity, Teebee, People of the Age, Cool Catty, Coopidge, and others who have kept the runs alive for this to happen. I'll try for a 9 someday, but want to put the game to rest for a while... 3,000 attempts (which I guarantee 500 of them are from E1M1 alone), it took a long time, and I'm finally happy with where it currently stands.

Got a full game tutorial coming in the next month or so. :) 

Original Thread
Speedruns board
Documentary of the Run

Edited by Alexo : Forgot some important peeps

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