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DooM : Revenge of Evil (demo released)

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download link:




video trailer:





warning: this mod is hard as hell, is such a real challenge.


 Description: Year 2148. After the events of DooM 3 resurrection of evil, a new evil has arisen. The forces of evil now will not have the Earth as their main objective, but those who humiliated him in the past. Let revenge begin!


 Revenge of Evil consists of five, challenging, levels for the campaign of the first episode called "forces of evil" plus a sixth level that is the opening of episode two called "requiem of evil"


How to use this?


 IMPORTANT: You must have doom2.wad and GZDooM (3.3.2. or superior)


 Once you have the mod installed properly in you GZDoom folder, extract the file GZROE5.rar and run the .bat file called "Revenge of Evil - GZDooM", included with this file. If this does not work, just drag the revengeofevilv1.0.zip to the gzdoom logo icon.


 Problems with the translucence in the missiles or fireballs?


 Some beta testers have notified me that this problem appears in the last gzdoom, if this problem happens to you there are two ways to solve it:


1. Change to GZDooM 3.3.2.

2. Open console and set r_vanillatrans 0 (if you are using the lastest GZDooM)


Problems with the new fov?


Revenge of evil use a similar fov of DooM 3, if for some reason you don´t liked, set on console / fov 120 that will return to the classic doom fov


Best GZDooM compatibility?


 Exist some issues with the lastest GZDooM versions, the best GZDooM for play this mod are: GZDooM 3.2.5 or GZDooM 3.3.2 (i use this)





Mod creator: DooMero (code, resources gatherer, etc)

Programming support: (It also includes people involved in old versions).

DBThanatos: main programmer of super doom3 take II. I used his codes for this version.

TheCamaleonMaligno: for fix me the grabber gun and lot of things (ACS, decorate, etc).

Alphaent: the script of the soulcube when is ready and the PDA. Also with visuals.

PsychoSilverTH: for support me any time with ACS and decorate (mainly the intermission script)

Ghastly Dragon: for support me in previous versions (doom3 weapons mod) with decorate.

Roack16: for support me creating the decorate for the soulcube in previous versions.

Mauricio Rocks, SuperChex, Zanieon and Lioyd: for support in doom3 weapons mod.

Ozymandias81: for helping me fixing the intermission script.


        Id Software: original sounds, music and models

    Raven Software: original sprites for the fx (explosion sprites)

    Valve Software: original sprites for the fx (explosion sprites)

        Capcom: some sounds from Resident Evil 4

    Eriance: original sprites for the fx (fatso trail)

    KeksDose: Smoke graphics used on the monsters fireballs

    David Ferstat: Helping to figure out the script for the new footsteps system

    NeuralStunner: helping with an example of a piece of SBARINFO

    Logan MTM: for the graphics & decal definitions of the Rocket Launcher & zoom code

    Whoever made the graphics used for the fire in the Forgotten monster*

    Whoever made the graphics used in the extra effects of the plasma rifle*

        Mortal Kombat warehouse: some sprites taken from Nightwolf

        Alphaent: for give me some sprites and textures of his mod called "invasion infernal"

        Arthuria123: blood sprite used on map04, the bathroom part

        Hidfan: for creating the texture pack of DooM 3

Special thanks:

         Major Cooke: ripping the doom3 smoke variations and bullet decals and making the
         graphics and the whole code of the teleport fog from super doom3 take II

     Per-Scan, Sodahollic and TwelveEyes: beta testers from super doom3 take II

         Przndoom: collaborator in previous versions of doom3 weapons mod (sprites)

         Deimos Anomaly, Phobos Anomaly, Tonet, Demmon Breack Master, Fabio 914, Taurustar
         and Kurama: mainly in ideas

         Chupareaper: for creating the spider mastermind model (also used for arachnotron)

         HarryLord cco: for sending me that remix of e1m5!

         Ben Pulido: for creating a test map of doom 3 to facilitate the taking of screenshots
         of the demons when dying

         TheDiegoMula: old beta tester of ultimate super doom3 and trailer designer of said mod

         Solarsnowfall, Tormentor667 and Ghastly dragon: for create the steam particle spawner
         (steam.wad) and the sparks particle spawner pack (sparks.wad)

         CBAXZ: for designing the new DooMero entertainment logo

         QuakedoomNukem: manly in ideas, report of bugs and improve me some music.

         Vladislav Gabrielyan: report of bugs and ideas.

         All the members of "doomeros inc."

People who answered my doubts, in the past and present, about programming in the zdoom and
 zandronum forums:    

         Captain Toenail, Golden Marine, Neuralstunner, Klonseman, Dark Slayer, Player27,
         Demolisher, Xutawoo, Wildweasel, GrafZahl, Nightfall, Congragratedcanine, Conno67,
         Blitz, Revility and TerminusEst13.

Influences: (focused on the mapping part and the gameplay)

DooM the plutonia experiment by Dario Casali and Milo Casali: more than anything is the
immediate action to start a map with lot of demons. Also the hell labyrinth, tribute of the

DooM 2016 by Id Software: same previous description, only in smaller places.

DooM 3 mod, "ELDOOM" by elroacho: mainly in the design of map03 and map04.

DooM II mod, "dark7" by Bryant Robinson: like DooM 3, the format of fulfilling missions.

DooM II mod, "operation drown in blood" by Time of Death, AK-01 and Doom Tropper: the final
part of the map05, the big tower.

DooM 3 mod, "tested" by Rareg: Revenge of Evil was influenced mainly in this mod for its
excessive, but fair difficulty.

DooM 3 mod, "hell in time" by Papamonos: mainly the part of the statues of archiles at the
beginning of the map 05.

DooM II mod, "metadoom" by the Kins: preferentially for its intensity of combat.

DooM 3 BFG edition by Id software: mainly in the design of map01 and map02 (the lost missions)

Old Revenge of Evil: mainly in the design of map06.

Whoever create the DooM 3 mod called "down to hell" : the red key room part of map05.


From original games:

  Bobby Prince: original composer of Classic DooM
  Ty Halderman: original composer of DooM evilution (RIP)
  Mick Gordon: original composer of DooM 2016
  Chris Vrenna and Clint Walsh: original composers of DooM 3


  "The Imp's song", E1M2 music by Bobby Prince (supernintendo version): when the imps break
  down the door.

  "DooM 3 Theme" by Chris Vrenna and Clint Walsh: it's a choppy version. when the marine is
  facing the maledict.

  "On the Hunt", remix E1M6 by DeXiaZ Fantom. Is the main music of the mod.

Map95 (tips before playing):

  "At DooM gate", remix E1M1 by Davester2296Covers.

Map00 (previusly on DooM 3):

  "Donna to rescue", remix E3M2 by RoeTaka.

Map01 (Sigma Plant):

  "Victory", remix victory theme (DooM) by Andrew Hulshult.
  "DooM 2016 theme", remix DooM 2016 by Indy Guest.
  "Suspense", remix E1M5 by Rick Douglas.

Map02 (Sigma Refinery):

  "Dark Halls", remix E1M3 by The Mister Cat.
  "At DooM gate", remix E1M1 by Davester2296Covers.

Map03 (Storage base);

  "Sinister", remix E2M6 by DeimosComaBlack.
  "Nobody told me about Id", remix E2M8 by DeXiaZ Fantom.

Map04 (Sigma labs)
  "The demons from Adrian's Pen", remix E2M2 by Andrew Hulshult.
  "Facing the spider", remix E3M8 by Andrew Hulshult.
  "Nobody told me about Id", remix E2M8 by Andrew Hulshult.
  "Shanws got the shotgun", remix DooM II map07, by Andrew Hulshult.

Map05 (Labyrinth of hell):

  "Waltz of the demons", remix E2M7 by  Shponglefan.
  "On the Hunt", remix E1M6 by DeXiaZ Fantom.  
  "Untitled", remix E3M1 by Butch er.
  "Inhuman frequency", from DooM 2016 by Mick Gordon.
  "Nobody told me about Id", remix E2M8 by The Orichalcon.
  "The spirit world", remix DooM II map28, by Neurological.
  "Icon of sin", remix DooM II map30 by The Orichalcon.
  "DooM 3 theme", remix of DooM3 main theme by Les Paul.

Map06 (Primary excavation):

  "The Imp's song", remix E1M2 by Neurological.
  "Message from the archvile", remix DooM II map20 by DeXiaZ Fantom.
  "Legion of the lost", remix DooM evilution intermission theme by Eris Falling.
  "Victory", remix victory theme (DooM) by Andrew Hulshult.
  "At DooM gate", remix E1M1 by SayMaxWell.

Map99 (cheater)

  "Trololo" by Eduard Jil (RIP)

"DooM intermission", remix DooM intermission by Tenebrae Aeternus.

Beta testers:

       PsychoSilverTH, HarryLord cco, TheCamaleonMaligno, CBAXZ, DOOMGABR, Alphaent,
       Juan Zuleta, Tom Heinzman a.k.a. T-MAX_X-H, Isaac Demian, QuakedoomNukem and
       Raaven The Red and Vladislav Gabrielyan.

I truly apologize if I'm forgetting anyone.


that is all, enjoy!!



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Well, I'll just duplicate my opinion here:


1) Yeah, this mod hard as hell. Even on "Noob" difficulty I succ. Fireballs exploding like rockets, so you must run like Flash into another room just not to be killed by explosion wave in most times. And this is hard, because most rooms are small hallways. [UPD] Looks like the armor bonus does nothing with damage parameter. OR this mod is so hardcore that you'll definitely die by any hit if you don't wear any armor. (I didn't checked the Decorate, I'm kinda lazy for that).

2) Too much enemies in small sized rooms. With fireball's explosion effect it makes most situations "you must be the MLG Sniper 360 no scope or you'll die"

3) The normal FOV kills my eyes. I don't know about everyone else but it feels like I have myopia. FOV 120 turned off my eyes pain.

4) Cutscenes are good, soundtrack is good. The level design resembles the Doom 3 which is good too.

5) The level's lighting parameters are "bad" in bad meaning. With your converted sprites everything looks shiny. It should use only the dynamic lights with "Brightness=0" or should use "Doom 64 styled lightings with dark pallete" to make everything else looks normal. The original Doom 3 also used the "poor lighting" to make a better view of models. But in bright rooms models looks bad like your sprites looks bad in your bright areas.

Edited by Đeⓧiaz

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the bad of the newest gzdoom is you cannot set the size of the dynamic lights, but you can decrease the brightness, gamma and constrast for reply a similar darkness of DooM 3,  the armor works dude, it can save your life, but the damage factor, since marine skill make the amor absorb too much damage. And about the fireballs, can be easiliy destroyed by the plasma rifle and the grabber can return fireballs and kill with 1 shot some demons, that is the balance.

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21 hours ago, doomero-21 said:

the bad of the newest gzdoom is you cannot set the size of the dynamic lights


You didn't need to stick your project to the final GZDoom build. It doesn't make sense. After a year there will be a GZDoom 5.0, so you'll going to remake the whole project to the GZDoom 5.0 compatibility? I don't think so. The sourceport in your situation is the instrument. If you feel like that older GZDoom versions are better for your project - just include the needed version inside the project.


BTW, you didn't get my complains. I've extracted your map to do some lighting manipulations to make some little demo.


Your version looks like this:



My edit makes your map look like this:



Feel the difference? That's also helps the atmosphere. And with Doom 64 lighting you can choose much more colors to make different effects

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Looks like Mars and that effect i think looks much better with the sky of doom3, but i decided to make a tribute to the first DooM showing the legendary sky.


btw i did a video gameplay of the first level:





You can see the grabber is a usefull weapon and the plasma rifle can neutralize the fireballs.



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1 minute ago, doomero-21 said:

Looks like Mars and that effect i think looks much better with the sky of doom3, but i decided to make a tribute to the first DooM showing the legendary sky.


Uh, you didn't get the idea again. Ok, going further:








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1 hour ago, Đeⓧiaz said:

BTW, you didn't get my complains. I've extracted your map to do some lighting manipulations to make some little demo.


While I don't think the original lighting is perfect, I do strongly prefer the original lighting to your edits.

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I'm kinda curious why this project release is ignored? It's not interesting for forum members? Just because I'm reading this thread and I see just my comments.

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