download link (new update)!9hUXFA4a!DW17ui1kS9FTiTEjzBiOcnP5NdGJcdCsCqvA0HsMZHM   video trailer:   [yt]     warning: this mod is hard as hell, is such a real challenge.    Description: Year 2148. After the events of DooM 3 resurrection of evil, a new evil has arisen. The forces of evil now will not have the Earth as their main objective, but those who humiliated him in the past. Let revenge begin!    Revenge of Evil consists of five, challenging, levels for the campaign of the first episode called "forces of evil" plus a sixth level that is the opening of episode two called "requiem of evil"   How to use this?    IMPORTANT: You must have doom2.wad and GZDooM (3.3.2. or superior)    Once you have the mod installed properly in you GZDoom folder, extract the file GZROE5.rar and run the .bat file called "Revenge of Evil - GZDooM", included with this file. If this does not work, just drag the to the gzdoom logo icon.    Problems with the translucence in the missiles or fireballs?    Some beta testers have notified me that this problem appears in the last gzdoom, if this problem happens to you there are two ways to solve it:   1. Change to GZDooM 3.3.2. 2. Open console and set r_vanillatrans 0 (if you are using the lastest GZDooM)   Problems with the new fov?   Revenge of evil use a similar fov of DooM 3, if for some reason you don´t liked, set on console / fov 120 that will return to the classic doom fov   Best GZDooM compatibility?    Exist some issues with the lastest GZDooM versions, the best GZDooM for play this mod are: GZDooM 3.2.5 or GZDooM 3.3.2 (i use this)   Credits     that is all, enjoy!!