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CASTLEDOOM | First Time Map Maker!

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Hello Doomworld! First time map maker here with a multi-level project that i am going to be working on! i believe that i have completed the first level and decided to release it as like a playable demo for you all!








I made this map to be used with the Brutal Doom mod, and i used Zandronum for all of my testing, below is a screen shot of how i got it to play (I used the 1st doom wad also for the textures, and about halfway through i found out its better to make maps in doom 2 configuration and had to go from there(im new af)) Custom Sprites were used, i got them all from Realm667.com where you can find the appropriate authors, but if i need to list them myself i will in an update




I am going to continue to work on this wad for a couple of more levels so any feedback/criticism will be appreciated! and if you have a minute to spare, read my about me on my profile! HAPPY DEMON KILLING https://www.dropbox.com/s/i5y7xjcex7v36b2/CASTLEDOOM.wad?dl=0

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I remember this some days (or maybe weeks?) ago from Reddit by the way.

So I have played it and I found some problems:

- Some enemies are stuck on walls.

- There's some missing textures found on the ceiling of the berserk room.

- There's already some textures missing in the map. I'm guessing they're from Doom 1.


If you want to fix this issue, just get the Doom Textures For Doom 2 pack from Realm667 and use SLADE 3 to import them.

- There's this marine who wants me dead.

- The monster death sounds have the marine death sounds (probably from Brutal Doom.)

- The doors sides are not lower unpegged resulting them to move with the door.


I remember seeing this a few weeks ago from Reddit by the way. Looking from the post, it seems that it needs Brutal Doom to be played properly.


Even though I'm just a new mapper (have published 2 maps so far), you should have more supplies like medkits and ammunition placed around the level. Most of the time, I was running around trying to find a good weapon or some medkits just so I could survive. I kind of didn't like that.


One last thing, you should post your map at this thread, @HAK3180 can give you some good advice and feedback for your map that can help you improve your skills.

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