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HERETIC - Pantheon of War [Released]

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Hello, i made a little mappack of 3 maps for Heretic, tested with zdoom 2.8.1, not vanilla/dosbox Some textures could go wrong with dosbox and there is no new stuff added.

The 3 maps start at e3m6, then, e3m7 and e3m8.
Maps can be played in single player or coop with 4 players.
Difficulty level:  For Normal and Hard.
Editors used: Gzdoombuilder 2 and slade
Ports: tested with zdoom 2.8.1, zandronum 3 and gzdoom 3.5.0.

Theme:  Temple with water, Caves with Lava and Underground temple
Time to make it: 1 month and about 15 days.
My first mappack was really meh and too simplistic with a ton of errors (textures, fat door and others), i tried to learn and i hope this one will be better and more fun to play!
I could have made more maps but i prefer to ask about stuff before. Really hard to map but it's fun :3

The pack should work, replayed the 3 maps in the pack and retested after some modifications in case.
Have fun!

LINK (version 1.3)










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Updated with 1.1, i think it should be ok, just one problem of light on some little pillars and 2 textures to fix, link in the first post.
Comments, advices and others are appreciated!

To go directly on the maps, with zdoom or zandronum or any ports, i can be wrong, but when you start a game, you can do "map e3m6" in the console or "changemap e3m6" and it will work

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This here is a good mapset. Each level is rather large, so expect 2+ hours of gameplay between the three maps.


It stretches the limited Heretic textureset to its limits as you fight through underground cities and ruination. The switches have a particular design here and won't be missed, progression is clean as easy to get through despite some backtracking through hella large levels being present. Pulled off wonderfully!


Powerups and artifacts are relatively rare, and thus feel like true rewards when you do get them. The level difficulty is designed to reflect the fact that there's only so many health pickups (and but one armor shield) throughout the entire three maps!


Highly recommended. 

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The maps are all very large scale, perhaps overly, and health was pretty rare. But lot's and lot's of opportunity to run around foes and cause infighting.


I think the only non-vanilla Heretic features I noticed are the use of flats on walls and a MAPINFO lump to change the level names and sky to EP2's red sky. These are all supported by many source ports.

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Hello, final update, maps slots are on e1m1, e1m2 and e1m3, replayed the whole wad and it works.
Last link:

Yeah, i didn't put a lot of health because i think Heretic and Hexen are very easy to play compared to DOOM (because hitscan and even the bestiary is really more brutal (revenant, archivile ect), in Heretic wads, there is often too many health when you can just run&gun and use some trick like infighting specially because there is no enemy who can hitscan you with a gun ^^ (not a flaw, i always liked heretic for the magic stuff but it's about the difficulty then). 


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Are you interested in some demos? because i got some!






The last two are FDA and i failed at both of them (the last one was close tho). 

In general, i'd say that most ambients are vay too spacious for how much they offer to the gameplay (the starting area of the third map is the biggest offender in this regard); sometimes i got to wonder if a more slaughterish approach would have been better (putting more tomes and such), overall the product is enjoiable enough.


On a lesser note: make sure that if you lock the player in a room then he must have the necessary tools to kill everything inside without relying on outside sources, otherwise we get the ridiculus scenario seen in the second demo, where i literally had to punch a lich in the face to progress (and die soon after due not having ammo nor health).


Tomorrow i'll try to beat the rest.

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There was more enemies and ammo but people told me it was too hard' so i removed a lot of stuff.... :/

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Well, that's understandable, one need to strike a balance. Heretic give the player a lot of ways to deal with crowds: tomes, bombs and even chaos devices can be used and abused to create massive fights, while the numerous portable medikits can get the player out of spicy situations!


Btw, i forgot to say i recorded the demos with zdoom 2.8.1, so yeah.

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