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Help with a new bounce projectile.


Hello everyone!


I'm trying to create a projectile that bounces a few times, and when its velocity reaches 0 it stops on the ground for a moment.
After a short time, it begins to blink rapidly and then enters its state of death.


This is the actor:


        Radius 12
        Height 12
        Speed 8
        FastSpeed 10
        Damage 2
        RenderStyle Normal
        BounceFactor 0.7
        WallBounceFactor 0.7
//      BounceCount 6
        ReactionTime 10
        Var Int user_count;
                SLBL ABC 4 A_JumpIf(Floorz == z,"Idle")        <-- (I have also tried with (BounceFactor <= 0,"Idle") and (Speed <= 0,"Idle") but it does not work)
                TNT1 A 0 A_Stop
                TNT1 A 0 A_JumpIf(user_count >= 10,"CountDown")
                SLBL A 16
                SLBL A 4 Bright
                SLBL A 0 A_Jump(32, 2)
                SLBL A 0 A_SetUserVar("user_count",user_count+1)
                SLBL A 0
                Goto Idle+1
                SLBL A 14
                SLBL A 3 Bright
                SLBL A 10
                SLBL A 3 Bright
                SLBL A 6
                SLBL A 3 Bright
                SLBL A 2
                SLBL A 2 Bright
                SLBL A 1
                SLBL A 1 Bright
                SLBL A 1
                SLBL A 1 Bright
                SLBL A 1
                SLBL A 1 Bright
                SLBL A 1
                SLBL A 1 Bright
                SLBL A 1
                SLBL A 1 Bright
                Goto Death
                FX02 F 4 Bright A_Explode
                FX02 GHIJ 4 Bright



With "BOUNCEFACTOR <= 0" and "SPEED <= 0" it just bounces and then enters its death state.

With "FLOORZ == Z" goes through the "Idle" state, but does not bounce, it just stands on the ground when spawned.


Any idea how to solve?



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