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Minimal Doom Logo T-Shirt

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These are available for four more days.




Use the code 6ATQJXUB4Y for 10% off your order. Basically covers the cost of shipping.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 8.34.56 PM.png

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I get it, that you designed it? Whatever the case, it looks awesome, I want one! Gotta go through the hassle of unearthing my credit card later, since they don‘t accept paypal. ;/


But great shirt, I want more Doom merch in the future.

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This is back in stock, which is great news because I missed out first time.


@SteveTacoReyes, do you have any more discount codes?


I can't decide whether to take the plunge (my currency just dropped 1% against the dollar), what int ship will be like, and what colour argh

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