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A general list of players willing to be private playtesters for anyone

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Sure, I'll throw my hat in the ring.



Doomworld Handle: @Nevander


Skill Level: Can complete all IWADs on UV without major trouble, can complete most WADs on UV with varying level of difficulty. I use saves and freelook (unless specifically told to not use it). I always play continuously. I do NOT use jumping or crouching unless required by the map.


Preferred Difficulty Level: UV


Maximum Number of Maps in a Set: 32

Minimum Number of Maps in a Set: 1


Preferred Genre: Standard vanilla style maps, slaughtermaps, modern Boom/UDMF maps


Genres I Don't Like: Puzzle heavy WADs, cinematic heavy WADs, joke WADs and Terrywads, overly detailed maps, extensive weapon/monster mods


Preferred Source Ports: GZDoom, Chocolate Doom, PrBoom+


Source Ports Refused: Anything else that's not in the preferred list above


Demos or Written Comments: I don't really do demos unless asked to, will give thoughts in written form, and I am unable to do YouTube recorded runs (currently)


Notes: There's not really anything in maps that I hate, hate. Things may annoy me but it's not like I would refuse your WAD because you use 5 Cyberdemons in a room, for example. Just use them well and fairly.

Edited by Nevander

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<-- Doomworld Handle

Skill level: I am versatile with anything from regular, to 90's, to slaughterfests, to Maximum Doom maps.

Preferred difficulty level(s): ITYTD/HNTR, HMP, AND UV. Yes, I play on each and every skill setting if applicable, except Nightmare but I'll probably play with Respawn monsters at the most

Maximum number of maps in a set: any and all

Minimum number of maps in a set: any and all

Preferred genres: I don't care

Genres you don't like: asshole wads

Preferred source ports: Basically anything that's boom-compatible

Source ports refused: anything obscure

Demos or written comments: actually don't know how to record anything at all like Nevander

Notes: I actually don't play this game as much as I used to but if I have a free hand I'll let you know by randomly playtesting your map without your permission.

Edited by NuMetalManiak

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I like this idea. I think I'll throw in my lot.


Handle: Aquila Chrysaetos (it tends to be this or a variation thereof regardless of where I am)

Skill level: I play most maps on UV, pistol start, saveless, only certain wads like Stardate 20X7 make me save.

Preferred difficulty: UV

Number of maps in a set: Any

Genres you don't like: Slaughter is my least favorite, but I don't actively dislike it

Preferred souce ports: Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, Doom Retro, PRBoom, (G)ZDoom (up to GZD 2.4.0), Zandronum, Doom Legacy

Refused source ports: Anything that isn't listed or compatible with the above, GZDoom versions later than 2.4.0

Demos or written comments: Either

Notes: I tend to have a lot on my plate at one time, so I may be slow to test, but I will try to get around to it

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Doomworld Handle: HAK3180

Skill Level: not as good as how long I've been playing, but I don't have too many problems with most maps, even if that means lower difficulties 

Preferred Difficulty Level(s): Whatever you most want tested. I usually do Hurt Me Plenty for longer sets if I'm recording.

Maximum Number of Maps in a Set: N/A

Minimum Number of Maps in a Set: 1

Preferred Genres: conventional-ish

Genres you don't like: super long slaughter, puzzle as a major component, extreme conversions, lots of punching

Preferred Source Ports: Crispy, GZDoom, PrBoom+, GlBoom+

Source Ports Refused: Retro

Demos or written comments: Youtube videos with live spoken commentary are my thing (they can be FYEO), but I can do written commentaries as well.

Notes: You can immediately rule me out if jump or freelook is required. Freelook recommended is not a problem.

Edited by HAK3180

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this is an awesome idea. @Pegleg

 would you consider adding an empty template to the OP (in a spoiler maybe) with bolded item labels? to facilitate easy copy paste of the prompts, and the bold for easy scanning for readers

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Doomworld Handle: meapineapple

Skill Level: I don't suck hopelessly, but I'm not that great. I die a lot.

Preferred Difficulty Level: Usually HMP, but I'll try UV on shorter maps.

Maximum Number of Maps in a Set: Any number, but if a WAD takes several hours to play then it's going to get spread across a month or more.

Minimum Number of Maps in a Set: One.

Preferred Genres: I like vanilla maps, and maps that emulate the vanilla style or build on it without ditching the principles completely.

Disliked Genres: Slaughtermaps, joke wads. I won't play with Brutal Doom.

Preferred Source Ports: PrBoom+, Zandronum. GZDoom is acceptable but not my preference.

Demos or written comments: I record videos with spoken commentary. (For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVUGEQ8GtAs) I'm happy to summarize my thoughts in text as well.


Other Notes: I always play with freelook; playing Doom without it is weird and annoying. I'm not especially into newfangled ZDoom and GZDoom features, I get confused every time I'm confronted by ladders or swimmable water or mandatory jumping/crouching. I'm not a big fan of custom weapons and I'm likely to turn down any map in which they feature significantly.


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i like the idea! i am here!


Doomworld Handle: Gaia74

Skill Level: i pass the difficulty maps like scythe 2 or some maps of chillax

Preferred Difficulty Level(s): First in ITYTD  and after in UV

Maximum Number of Maps in a Set: Any Number :P With Time

Minimum Number of Maps in a Set: 1

Preferred Genres: Difficulty Maps, Vanilla, And A Wads With New And Hard Bosses :P

Genres you don't like: Platforming And Puzzle

Preferred Source Ports: Zandronum And Zdoom

Source Ports Refused: Crispy, Odamex, And PrBoom

Demos or written comments: I rarely record demon, but if you want I will try, and I also speak in Spanish so I doubt I will speak unless you speak in Spanish xd

Notes: only i hate maps with overdetail :P, Of course I will play maps with detail but if it occupies a good pc to be used, i cannot prove the map

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I think something should be added to the list.  "Experience as mapper."

And I'm not saying that people who don't make maps don't make valuable testers, in fact you'd want a good mix of people who do and don't map.  But I think it's an important distinction to make.  Someone with experience in DB is going to have an easier time conveying the issues they encounter.

"This wall looks weird"


"Line 233 has a misaligned upper texture"


Just food for thought.


Doomworld Handle: Antnee

Skill level: I can beat the originals/TNT/Plutonia on UV, but I can't do nightmare.

Preferred difficulty level(s): I usually stick with medium.  I go to UV if I like what I played the first time.

Maximum number of maps in a set:  Megawads are fine.

Minimum number of maps in a set: n/a

Preferred genres: I don't do slaughtermaps.  Anything else is fine.

Genres you don't like: Anything but slaughtermaps are fine.

Preferred source ports: d64EX, GZDoom

Source ports refused: Brutal Doom.  Sorry, just don't like it.

Demos or written comments: Comments.

Notes: Did I mention no slaughtermaps?  I also have mapping experience.  I don't like freelook at all, and if it requires freelook, I'm probably not down.

Edited by Antnee

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  • Doomworld Handle: leodoom85
  • Skill Level: I'm good enough to clear some megawads without saving or dying
  • Preferred Difficulty Level(s): UV and sometimes, Nightmare
  • Maximum Number of Maps in a Set: 32 (there are some megawads that have more maps like Dump 3 which has 80 maps)
  • Minimum Number of Maps in a Set: 1
  • Preferred Genres: Don't have a preferred genre. As long as the map is enjoyable, it's good enough for me.
  • Genres you don't like: Hmm...maps that drags way too long, if that's considered a genre lol.
  • Preferred Source Ports: I use PrBoom+, Zandronum and GZDoom more. I don't have the ultimate, favorite port to say that I like ;)
  • Source Ports Refused: I don't refuse ports but there are ports that I haven't tried like Chocolate Doom
  • Demos or written comments: I can provide demos to private playtesting or in the ironman sessions and also record videos and post them to Youtube.
  • Notes: I can play whatever wad that I like, when I want, vanilla or modded. Can't complain really :)

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I like this idea. I'm totally open to play anything anyone wants to throw at me.

  • Doomworld Handle: Spie812
  • Skill level: Scythe 2 and Kama Sutra on UV are my most recent difficult plays, judge that however.
  • Preferred difficulty level(s): UV preferred
  • Maximum number of maps in a set: no
  • Minimum number of maps in a set: 1
  • Preferred genres: I'll play anything, In particular, I like run and gun figure it out as you go kind of maps (see skillsaw). I also enjoy Go 2 It style chaotic slaughter.
  • Genres you don't like: I don't like TNT's gameplay or anything with health/ammo starvation.
  • Preferred source ports: Eternity, Prboom+
  • Source ports refused: Gzdoom but only really if there's tons of scripting and custom stuff.
  • Demos or written comments: Written comments definitely, demos depends on the difficulty.
  • Notes: I usually have enough time to play whenever, and I'm willing to play almost anything except the aforementioned heavily modded Gzdoom stuff. I try my best to make any comments constructive whether good or bad.

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Doomworld Handle: NoReason, obviously, or just Nore for short.

Skill level: I can casually play Sunder, I enjoy Sunlust on UV, etc..

Preferred difficulty level(s): UV, but I'll play on any difficulty if it's necessary.

Maximum number of maps in a set: 47, but there's no real limit that's just the highest I've seen.

Minimum number of maps in a set: 1

Preferred genres: Slaughter wads, run and gun, anything challenging. I like grind to an extent.

Genres you don't like: Boredom, i.e. minimal gameplay, extensive puzzle solving, literally impossible maps with no exit.

Preferred source ports: Gzdoom, Zandronum, Prboom+ (including Glboom)

Source ports refused: Anything not listed above, not because I hate them but I'd rather not clutter up my source ports.

Demos or written comments: I'll do written commentaries, I'd like to do demos but I've never done them before.

Notes: I guess I'll add that I'm a mapper, nothing special but I might have a look at your wad in an editor if there's something up and I need to point it out.

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  • Doomworld Handle: @Lampenpam
  • Skill level: I play most wads on UV but I play with saves and no pistol start.
  • Preferred difficulty level(s): UV
  • Maximum number of maps in a set:
  • Minimum number of maps in a set:
  • Preferred genres: Custom textures, very detailed, gameplay mods, good difficulty progression, requiring jump/crouch
  • Genres you don't like: Slaughter, though I can handle a horde or a big finale at the end. 
  • Preferred source ports: Zandronum, GZDoom
  • Source ports refused: Anything but the above, I like a more modern look to my doom. 
  • Demos or written comments: Preffering written reviews.
  • Notes: I'm not a mapper



Edited by Lampenpam

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Doomworld Handle: AD_79

Skill Level: UV for the majority of sets, though I have no issue dropping down to lower settings if necessary, and in fact enjoy doing so at times.

Preferred Difficulty Level(s): See above.

Maximum Number of Maps in a Set: Map length varies heavily so this isn't useful info. Let's just say what you want me to test shouldn't take more than an hour and a half, maybe two hours at most. For what it's worth, I'm a moderately fast player.

Minimum Number of Maps in a Set: See above.

Preferred Genres: I can enjoy pretty much anything. Though, if your map is super-hard, don't expect much unless I'm testing a lower difficulty setting. I am by no means an exceptional player.

Genres you don't like: n/a

Preferred Source Ports: PRBoom+

Source Ports Refused: All others (unless I guess you want me to help with vanilla testing, then I will do an additional test in CRL).

Demos or written comments: Written, as detailed as I can provide.

Notes: I like unconventional ideas and/or stuff that feels new and fresh. Surprise me!

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  • Doomworld Handle: GarrettChan
  • Skill level: I think I'm a decent player. Maybe see here.
  • Preferred difficulty level(s): UV, sometimes NM
  • Maximum number of maps in a set: 20, more if shorter maps
  • Minimum number of maps in a set: 1
  • Preferred genres: Probably most of the genres, but I would like to play shorter maps (around 10 min when doing a run, or around 45 min when blind)
  • Genres you don't like: Ambiguous thing hunt gameplay like Eternal Doom or too many customized monsters
  • Preferred source ports: PrBoom+
  • Source ports refused: Any port that doesn't act as original behaviors, like GZDoom
  • Demos or written comments: Demos and written comments are both fine to me. I can also do videos for the maps.
  • Notes: I'm not a mapper, but I can offer quite a lot of views from a player's perspective. Things which can run on PrBoom+ are pretty much good for me. Also, I like to do stupid things like UV Max/Reality runs from time to time.

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Doomworld Handle: Obake

Skill level: Usually play on UV, though I can playtest other skill levels if a level is simply too taxing.

Preferred difficulty level(s): Usually UV

Maximum number of maps in a set: Any

Minimum number of maps in a set: Any

Preferred genres: Interesting GZdoom or UDMF projects, though nothing too taxing on the computer.

Genres you don't like: Anything Terry, or HDoom-esque

Preferred source ports: GZdoom

Source ports refused: None

Demos or written comments: I don't know how to do demos, but I can certainly write my thoughts on maps, and record videos, too.

Notes: I've been mapping for Doom since 2012. I also love writing and reviewing, so playtesting maps and giving thoughts on them is something I would like to do.

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Okay, sure.


Doomworld Handle: eharper256

Skill level: A commoner. Sunlust on I'm too Young to Die is way too hard for me.

Preferred difficulty level(s): HMP

Maximum number of maps in a set: Any number, but if a huge megawad, give me a couple of days to finish it.

Minimum number of maps in a set: N/A

Preferred genres: Levels trying out new texture sets, concepts and mapping ideas. Maps that are short and punchy, scythe 1 style.

Genres you don't like: Slaughterwads and Terrywads.

Preferred source ports: GZDoom

Source ports refused: Nothing as such.

Demos or written comments: I'm happy to give you detailed written reviews with comments. I can also provide a recorded .flv if wanted, but I've never got my head around making FDA's.

Notes: I've played doom since a kid in 93, but I'm still not great at it, I'm naturally a strategy gamer TBH, but this allows me to give you a common joe perspective of lower difficulty levels. Also, by default, I play with a laundry list of mods. If requesting, please specify if you want vanilla testing, or else I will default to Trailblazer, Tomtefar Brutal, Weapons of Saturn, or Argent.

Edited by eharper256

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Doomworld Handle: bemused

Skill Level: I can faceplant my way through most things given enough time

Preferred Difficulty Level(s): UV, HMP for obscenely difficult stuff

Maximum Number of Maps in a Set: 5

Minimum Number of Maps in a Set: 1

Preferred Genres: "My first map"

Genres you don't like: Casual gameplay, exploration based swiitch hunts

Preferred Source Ports: PrBoom+, GZdoom if the map looks particularly charming

Source Ports Refused: everything else

Demos or written comments: I can record a demo, and will write a load of crap in a text file for you to ignore

Notes: I only really wanna test out peoples first maps, because they dont conform to expectations and usually end up being pretty amusing. I also make grindy slaughtermaps so have a fair amount of editor experience

Edited by bemused

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