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A general list of players willing to be private playtesters for anyone

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Doomworld Handle: warman2012

Skill Level: DOOM IWAD HMP

Preferred Difficulty Level(s): HNTR or HMP (casual)

Maximum Number of Maps in a Set: 32

Minimum Number of Maps in a Set: 1

Preferred Genres: Short maps, those with 250 monsters or less

Genres you don't like: Slaughter, anything that involves heavy savescumming

Preferred Source Ports: GZDoom

Source Ports Refused: Anything that lags or cannot allow for jumps and mouselook

Demos or written comments: Livestreams and videos featuring a playtest of a map will be featured on Twitch. Written comments if I feel like it.

Mapping Experience: None

Notes: I grade honestly with a 5 star rating system for Monster Encounters, Navigability, Textures, and Resource Availability, resulting in a max of 20 points. Testing occurs strictly vanilla. Textures and graphics are not that important to me, gameplay is, so I won't talk much on these topics. Please exercise common sense when giving me a map, as my preferences are short and casual. If its UV-only with no catering towards the casual crowd, I WILL be harsh on it. Please indicate whether HNTR or HMP is casual mode.


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I forgot about this thread. I've been playing a lot more Doom lately, and have a lot of free time, so I'm happy to provide feedback and playtesting for someone who might need an extra set of eyes.


Doomworld Handle: RonnieJamesDiner

Skill level: Moderate? I enjoy most mapsets on UV -- I'm still relatively new to Slaughter.

Preferred difficulty levels: I usually play UV, but I'll test any difficulty setting you ask.

Maximum number of maps: N/A -- I'll take full megawads, but I won't be blasting through them in a single sitting.

Minimum numbers of maps: 1

Preferred genres: Any and all.

Genres you don't like: At this point, none.

Preferred source ports: I usually play maps in GZDoom, but am willing to test in PRBoom+ and Crispy Doom if needed.

Source ports refused: Not a huge fan of Chocolate Doom (I'll still test in this, but probably with IDDQD on).

Demos or written comments: I can record demos if you like, upload videos to youtube, or provide written reviews -- whatever floats your boat. If it's a recorded demo/video, I probably won't do a comprehensive written portion, but just a quick "final thoughts" blurb to tack on. 

Mapping experience: I'd say, minimal. An 8-map GZDoom wad, a gimmicky 10-map limit-removing WAD, and a small handful of random, single maps -- and all of the above were mediocre at best.

Notes: I'm happy to provide feedback for whatever you need, whether it's gameplay, aesthetics, difficulty scale, or just the general feel of the map/s. Obviously, the more maps there are, the longer it will take, but I'll do my best to playtest in a timely fashion. I'm far from an expert or a veteran, so you get what you pay for.


Also, I'm more than willing to playtest any kind of Doom-related map, including maps for Doom 3 and DOOM'16 Snapmaps. 


Edited by RonnieJamesDiner

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Doomworld Handle: Armolitskiy.

Skill level: Something average.

Preferred difficulty level(s): HMP.

Maximum number of maps in a set: Depends on the length of the levels. 10-15.

Minimum number of maps in a set: 1.

Preferred genres: Run and Gun. No more than 200-300 monsters. Technobases and industrial designs.

Genres you don't like: Puzzles, too hard levels, a huge number of monsters. Long levels (20-30 minutes). I don’t like overly detailed levels. Medieval and fantasy do not like it either. Levels for the first DOOM (because a double-barreled shotgun!). Funny/joke maps.

Preferred source ports: Zandronum, GZDOOM.

Source ports refused: I do not like retro ports. And I test and play only on two ports that I already wrote about.

Demos or written comments: Maybe I can record a demo. But I don’t really like it. I pass the level and give my assessment, describing my gameplay at the levels. Nothing unusual.

Mapping Experience: Yes, I created and am creating various levels in the GZDOOM Builder.

Notes: I am not very good at describing problems and so on. I have slightly specific tastes. I like to use jumping, crouching, freelook.

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Adding myself to the list in case people still use it...


Doomworld Handle: noisebloom

Skill level: Average

Preferred difficulty level(s): HMP, sometimes UV.

Maximum number of maps in a set: 9, but honestly it's hard for me to get time for more than 3 or 4.

Minimum number of maps in a set: 1.

Preferred genres: Classic/vanilla type maps, or something really out there

Genres you don't like: Slaughtermaps, really long maps

Preferred source ports: GZDoom

Source ports refused: I will generally stick to GZDoom and maybe PrBoom+, but I may not give others a go.

Demos or written comments: Written... maybe demos in the future?

Mapping Experience: Working on my very first episode, so - beginner.

Notes: I don't care too much for a lot of visual detail. I also lead a lifestyle that is very busy/frantic, so do not be offended if I don't finish your WAD or just give initial impressions.

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