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A general list of players willing to be private playtesters for anyone

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Doomworld Handle: warman2012

Skill Level: DOOM IWAD HMP

Preferred Difficulty Level(s): HNTR or HMP (casual)

Maximum Number of Maps in a Set: 32

Minimum Number of Maps in a Set: 1

Preferred Genres: Short maps, those with 250 monsters or less

Genres you don't like: Slaughter, anything that involves heavy savescumming

Preferred Source Ports: GZDoom

Source Ports Refused: Anything that lags or cannot allow for jumps and mouselook

Demos or written comments: Livestreams and videos featuring a playtest of a map will be featured on Twitch. Written comments if I feel like it.

Mapping Experience: None

Notes: I grade honestly with a 5 star rating system for Monster Encounters, Navigability, Textures, and Resource Availability, resulting in a max of 20 points. Testing occurs strictly vanilla. Textures and graphics are not that important to me, gameplay is, so I won't talk much on these topics. Please exercise common sense when giving me a map, as my preferences are short and casual. If its UV-only with no catering towards the casual crowd, I WILL be harsh on it. Please indicate whether HNTR or HMP is casual mode.


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I forgot about this thread. I've been playing a lot more Doom lately, and have a lot of free time, so I'm happy to provide feedback and playtesting for someone who might need an extra set of eyes.


Doomworld Handle: RonnieJamesDiner

Skill level: Moderate? I enjoy most mapsets on UV -- I'm still relatively new to Slaughter.

Preferred difficulty levels: I usually play UV, but I'll test any difficulty setting you ask.

Maximum number of maps: N/A -- I'll take full megawads, but I won't be blasting through them in a single sitting.

Minimum numbers of maps: 1

Preferred genres: Any and all.

Genres you don't like: At this point, none.

Preferred source ports: I usually play maps in GZDoom, but am willing to test in PRBoom+ and Crispy Doom if needed.

Source ports refused: Not a huge fan of Chocolate Doom (I'll still test in this, but probably with IDDQD on).

Demos or written comments: I can record demos if you like, upload videos to youtube, or provide written reviews -- whatever floats your boat. If it's a recorded demo/video, I probably won't do a comprehensive written portion, but just a quick "final thoughts" blurb to tack on. 

Mapping experience: I'd say, minimal. An 8-map GZDoom wad, a gimmicky 10-map limit-removing WAD, and a small handful of random, single maps -- and all of the above were mediocre at best.

Notes: I'm happy to provide feedback for whatever you need, whether it's gameplay, aesthetics, difficulty scale, or just the general feel of the map/s. Obviously, the more maps there are, the longer it will take, but I'll do my best to playtest in a timely fashion. I'm far from an expert or a veteran, so you get what you pay for.


Also, I'm more than willing to playtest any kind of Doom-related map, including maps for Doom 3 and DOOM'16 Snapmaps. 


Edited by RonnieJamesDiner

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Doomworld Handle: Armolitskiy.

Skill level: Something average.

Preferred difficulty level(s): HMP.

Maximum number of maps in a set: Depends on the length of the levels. 10-15.

Minimum number of maps in a set: 1.

Preferred genres: Run and Gun. No more than 200-300 monsters. Technobases and industrial designs.

Genres you don't like: Puzzles, too hard levels, a huge number of monsters. Long levels (20-30 minutes). I don’t like overly detailed levels. Medieval and fantasy do not like it either. Levels for the first DOOM (because a double-barreled shotgun!). Funny/joke maps.

Preferred source ports: Zandronum, GZDOOM.

Source ports refused: I do not like retro ports. And I test and play only on two ports that I already wrote about.

Demos or written comments: Maybe I can record a demo. But I don’t really like it. I pass the level and give my assessment, describing my gameplay at the levels. Nothing unusual.

Mapping Experience: Yes, I created and am creating various levels in the GZDOOM Builder.

Notes: I am not very good at describing problems and so on. I have slightly specific tastes. I like to use jumping, crouching, freelook.

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Adding myself to the list in case people still use it...


Doomworld Handle: noisebloom

Skill level: Average

Preferred difficulty level(s): HMP, sometimes UV.

Maximum number of maps in a set: 9, but honestly it's hard for me to get time for more than 3 or 4.

Minimum number of maps in a set: 1.

Preferred genres: Classic/vanilla type maps, or something really out there

Genres you don't like: Slaughtermaps, really long maps

Preferred source ports: GZDoom

Source ports refused: I will generally stick to GZDoom and maybe PrBoom+, but I may not give others a go.

Demos or written comments: Written... maybe demos in the future?

Mapping Experience: Working on my very first episode, so - beginner.

Notes: I don't care too much for a lot of visual detail. I also lead a lifestyle that is very busy/frantic, so do not be offended if I don't finish your WAD or just give initial impressions.

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I'm bumping this thread to move it back to the top of the list.


I will be updating the OP soon to include the newest volunteers. If you posted on here before and you'ver changed your mind and want it removed, let me know. Otherwise, if someone asks you, you can decline.

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Doomworld Handle: Horus

Skill level: Average I guess?

Preferred difficulty level(s): I default UV but I tend to drop to HMP for trickier mapsets (e.g. SWTW, MAYhem 2019)

Maximum number of maps in a set: N/A

Minimum number of maps in a set: 1

Preferred genres: Anything that isn't in the below section

Genres you don't like: Slaughter beyond slaughter-lite (slaughter-lite is okay), maps that are both large and very non-linear (Anagnorisis is not my thing at all), maps with overly confusing progression / switch hunts (hence why I gave up Eternal Doom early), terrywads

Preferred source ports: GZDoom, prBoom+, glBoom+

Source ports refused: Choc Doom (always), Crispy Doom (if your map is hard)

Demos or written comments: Demos and written for Boom-compatible maps. Just written for GZDoom-only compatible maps

Mapping Experience: Pretty new, I have released seven maps (one large map, the rest very small 64KB / speedmaps)

Notes: Please feel free to PM me your playtesting request. I default to no freelook, no jump, no crouch, unless your map requires it otherwise. I am interested in playtesting maps only, not mods without maps built for them.

Edited by Horus

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I'd be happy to be part of this. I play and record lots of wad playthroughs for my YouTube so I figured this would be great for me when I decide to record and play the final version when it's out!

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Doomworld Handle: TheNoob_Gamer

Skill level: Moderate?

Preferred Difficulty: UV, but I don't fear dropping down if necessary.

Maximum number of maps in a set: 20-30 depending on my mood.

Minimum number of maps in a set: 1.

Preferred genres: Classic, exploration, puzzle maps or any wads with a bit of challenge sprinked in.

Genres you don't like: Slaughter, most of the time. Also terrywads and jokewads.

Preferred source ports: PRBoom+, Eternity, ZDoom and its offsprings, Crispy Doom.

Source ports refused: Any obscure ports that takes too long to setup (including DOS-based ports)/Doomsday. 

Demos/written comments: Probably demos (and videos if my internet is good enough), but text-based comments are always a must. Sometimes voice may be included in demo.

Mapping experience: I only released like 1 map so far (currently testing on a community project), and have tried mapping for 1 year. So beginner-ish.

Notes: I'm fine with maps featuring gameplay tweaks; and if you think your slaughterwad with exceptional gameplay and/or exceptional selling point, feel free to send it over. I tend to be pretty harsh but stay objective (and helpful) overall. Also I like freelook, so let me know if your map specifically requires traditional autoaiming.

I might play your jokewad if it has passable gameplay.

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Sorry, I forgot to mention this in my earlier post:


Doomworld Handle: Anyone

Skill level: DOOM UV

Preferred difficulty level(s): UV

Maximum number of maps in a set: N/A

Minimum number of maps in a set: 1

Preferred genres: I'll play anything

Genres you don't like: anything that's unbeatable like NUTS.wad but I will play slaughtermaps as I do enjoy them despite number of deaths and I have done wads like TOTG on UV without TAS.

Preferred source ports: GZDoom, prBoom+, glBoom+, zDoom

Source ports refused: Anything not listed above

Demos or written comments: I record and film video walkthroughs of Doom wads (continuous).

Mapping Experience: New, only released one map so far, but not the best. I do wanna make more maps and maybe megawads someday.

Notes: No freelook, jumping, or crouching, unless required.

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Doomworld Handle: @TenenteZashu

Skill Level: fairly skilled

Preferred Difficulty Level(s): UV and lower, I enjoy Nightmare's fast monsters but hate the fact that they respawn

Maximum Number of Maps in a Set: 30 (excluding secret levels)

Minimum Number of Maps in a Set: 1

Preferred Genres: Old School, Slaughter, Total Conversions

Genres you don't like: Puzzle, Platforming (example Golden Souls 2), Overly detailed wads, Survival Horror (example Soundless Mound), Cinematic mods, Joke/Terry wads

Preferred Source Ports: Doomsday, GZDoom, Zandronum, Crispy Doom and EDGE (preferably in this order)

Source Ports Refused: DOSbox, Chocolate Doom, PRboom (plus and not)

Demos or written comments: I'll either send you a message here on DoomWorld with comments about maps and/or other changes, if you prefer I can compile a more in-depth text file and send it to you

Mapping experience: Currently working on a custom campaign, I'm better with sprites tho

Notes: I may not read your message right-away because we're probably in a different timezone and because of school and work related stuff which could also delay my ''review''. I accept SnapMaps too but if you want a gameplay video (without commentary only) you would have to wait a bit more because I play Doom 2016 on Xbox and over there recording is a bit more complex, mostly because of time limitations.

Edited by TenenteZashu

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Playtesting sounds fun! Count me in.


Doomworld Handle: Archfiend

Skill level: Pretty high

Preferred difficulty level(s): UVFast

Maximum number of maps in a set: 13

Minimum number of maps in a set: 1

Preferred genres: Stuff with lots of brutal combat; surplus ammo preferred but not required

Genres you don't like: Slaughter, horror (except action-horror), puzzle-focused, joke/Terry

Preferred source ports: Crispy

Source ports refused: Anything other than Crispy

Demos or written comments: Written comments

Mapping Experience: Very little; I mess around with Doom Builder and I've made some pretty good vanilla levels. Currently working on my own mapset.

Notes: Like I said, I prefer combat-focused stuff. But action-horror with minor puzzles is totally fine. Just keep in mind that I might be too dumb for anything above a key hunt. Also, I can't playtest every single day. Your best bet would be to contact me on a Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday.

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Doomworld Handle: Sena

Skill level: Around average, I'm nothing special, a C+.

Preferred difficulty level(s): HMP/UV

Maximum number of maps in a set: 30

Minimum number of maps in a set: 1

Preferred genres: Open maps, approachable in multiple different ways, generally no more than 400 monsters per map, not too bothered by the architecture/aesthetic so long as it's consistent

Genres you don't like: Anything where I can get lost too easily, maps that are dark all the way through, switch puzzles, kaizo difficulty, excessive first person platforming, claustrophobic maps

Preferred source ports: Crispy, LZDoom

Source ports refused: None, but I'd rather not have to set up a new sourceport if I can help it

Demos or written comments: Written comments

Mapping Experience: Absolutely none, tried multiple times to do it, I just do not have the creativity for it.

Notes: I have precisely nothing going on in my life so I'll probably be able to beat your WAD in less than 3 days

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Not sure if this is still going, but I very, very much like this idea, anyone who has ever mapped knows how important it is to receive external feedback, see how players react to the traps they don't know and what paths are usually taken!


Doomworld Handle: Juka

Skill level: BTSX UV+ no saves pistol start is my biggest achievement, so experienced I think?

Preferred difficulty level(s): UV

Maximum number of maps in a set: up to 3 or 4 maps depending on size, only 1 at a time if it is slaughter

Minimum number of maps in a set: no minimum, even negatives are ok!

Preferred genres: Long sprawling maps, large detailed architectures and techbases, also anything with Supercharge

Genres you don't like: Pure slaughter puzzles (ex: maps with no detailing, texturing or anything besides the "slaughter puzzle arena")

Preferred source ports: GZDoom, Zandronum, PrBoom+

Source ports refused: Anything else for now, as I don't have enough experience with them.

Demos or written comments: I'll write comments mostly but can also provide demos

Mapping Experience: Intermediate experience, I have a handful of maps and speedmapping entries

Notes: I will play modded maps (like Supercharge projects), and by default I'll play UV pistol start for every level in a mapset unless you want me to play continuously. You can DM me through here.

Edited by Juka

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(For Partially Active Testing)


Doomworld Handle: @i suck at nicknames


Skill level: I've beaten the more moderately difficult PWADs (Sunlust, Scythe 2, HR & HR2, SoD + Resurgence, Microslaughter CP) on UV and every IWAD on UV-fast....but also keep in mind all of this was done in one continuous sitting and with a lot of save-scumming (which is how I generally play). 

I have beaten all of TNT and Plutonia with pistol-start tho (with saves of course), so I guess that counts for sth.


Preferred difficulty level(s): Prefer UV, tho don't mind going down to HMP, or up to UV-fast. NM is a HARD no tho. 


Max/Min number of maps in a set: 1-33


Preferred genres: I prefer speed-maps honestly, tho don't mind mixing it up with the occasional open maps/combat-puzzles/calibrated slaughtermaps/adventure-maps. Anything basically, it just has to be good lol.  


Genres you don't like: Heavily-modded wads (Im purist AF) and joke-wads for sure......also mindless slaughtermaps, bullshit hard wads like Dimensions, overly long maps, it depends really.


Preferred source ports: GZDoom, Eternity, and occasionally PRBoom+ 


Source ports refused: anything other than the aforementioned source ports 


Demos or written comments: Written comments mainly. 


Mapping Experience: Literally non-existent


Some Notes:

>I tend to play continuously with save-scumming, tho I can budge and try out pistol-starts too if required. 

>Im ashamed to admit this, but I'm generally very bad at finding secrets and I usually resort to using Doom Wiki or even IDBEHOLDA/IDDT to find certain secrets I'm unable to find. :3

>Also please keep in mind I'm only partially active as my day job and freelance stints require me to be busy a lot of the time, so please dont be impatient with me if I tend to take time with the levelpacks you send over. I'll still check em out, tho in bits and pieces. 


Pls DM if you deem me worthy of playtesting your wads ^_^

Edited by i suck at nicknames : clarified

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26 minutes ago, i suck at nicknames said:


Just let you know... single segment means no saving instead of one sitting.

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If I can join in,

Doomworld Handle: REDOOM

Skill level: Ultra Violence

Preferred difficulty level(s): UV, HMP

Maximum number of maps in a set: 32

Minimum number of maps in a set: 0 ( If its a gameplay mod. )

Genres you don't like: Slaughter maps, or any Plutonia-like map in general.

Preferred source ports: Prboom+, Chocolate, GZdoom

Source ports refused: ones that do not run on my system

Demos or written comments: I don't record demos, I do have OBS though.

Mapping Experience: I have been mapping for at least 2 years

Notes: No notes.

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I don't know if this or this is the right place to post, but:

Skill level: Medium. I've beaten most of the well-known megawads on UV with saves, in the process of getting through them again with pistol starts and no saving.
Active/Partial Playtester: Partial

Preferred difficulty: Ultraviolence

Number of maps in a set (Max/Min): Any

Preferred genres: Non-linear, old-school, speed maps, ammo management, in-fighting
Genres don't like: jokewads, willing to test slaughter maps but suck at them so may not be the best tester, less interested in stuff that requires freelook and jumping

Preferred souce ports: PrBoom+, Woof!, Crispy Doom, Chocolate Doom

Refused source ports: None

Demos or written comments: Both

Contact (Personal forum thread/ Private message): Private message me

Mapping Experience: Low, I've made a couple of maps with zero experience working with scripting or 3d stuff
Some Notes: I usually play with pistol starts and no saves

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Doomworld Handle: @Paf 

Skill level: Completed all IWADs on UV without much trouble, 
I use saves when playing, unless the map is short/easy enough to play without saves.

Preferred difficulty level(s): All, except for NM.

Maximum number of maps in a set: 32

Minimum number of maps in a set: 1

Preferred genres: Vanilla/Boom maps, Slaughtermaps, or Speedmaps

Genres I don't like: Puzzle maps, overly detailed maps that hurt to see/make it harder to move in.

Preferred source ports: Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, DSDA-Doom

Source ports refused: Ports more advanced than GZDoom, such as Doomsday.

Demos or written comments: I usually don't record demos, unless prompted to record demos. 
I usually write comments on the parts of maps that I like/could be improved/I dislike

Mapping Experience: Pretty bad at mapping, when it comes to making layouts and detail, 
but I can point out misalignments and missing textures, or slime trails, 
walls with the wrong texture, or boring/weird/detailess places.

Notes: I never use freelook, jumping, or crouching unless prompted to.
More maps in a set, the longer until I finish playtesting the whole set.

Alternatively, you can send me the map through discord (Paf#6709).

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