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DooM LP saga story

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Note, the following is simple at best, something corny but cheerful despite gore.


"Greetings, and welcome to the milky way galaxy. My name is not important but I would like to introduce you to the DOOM JETTER Grayest Odin."


Just then, evil emerges with intent on taking over the planets of the nation's solar system.


"Wait, who's that leading the destructive demons?" A sinister person resembling a caricature of the devil appears from his flying machine. "People's always talking about Doom Jetters, I will make them talk about ME!" He then proceeds to slaughter innocents. "HELP! GRAYEST ODIN!" 


A marine that bears resemblance to a power ranger speeds into the fray "Did someone call for the slightly above average jetter?" The Power Ranger Marine notes the innocent getting mutilated. "The Innocents! YOU'RE GOING DOWN DARK PRINCE DEVIL!"


Dark Prince Devil cuts the Jettger of. "Not so fast! You want to fight, I'll decide the location to fight in. If you want to avenge the innocents then meet my forces in the planet Mars!"


"Grayest Odin, your objective is clear. Head to Mars and clear all the areas you can find, killing various demonic forces of Dark Prince Devil." 


"I'm always up for a challenge!" The Odin replies "It all depends on our skill, LET'S GO FOR BROKE!"


The intro proceeds to finish with an animated montage of what's to come without spoiling too much with Dead Kennedys' Police Truck playing in the background. The final shot is our hero punching the camera as it fades to black with the title "GRAYEST ODIN'S DOOM SAGA."

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