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Map is so good you want to play it right away again!

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So, examples! Link also!

I liked THT: Threnody:s map20. I think it has a great start. You have always multiple paths to proceed. It forces you to move, without too much pressure. You have the space to move... I think this may be an example map how to do things in a not linear way? Of cource there are choke points but the primary progression is very good. I like.


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I have a few.


From the IWAD's:

Ultimate Doom - Pandemonium

Ultimate Doom - Perfect Hatred

Doom II - The Abandoned Mines

Doom II - The Living End

Plutonia - Baron's Den

Plutonia - Hunted

Plutonia - Impossible Mission

Plutonia - Cyberden


From PWAD's:

CChest 3 - For We Are Many by MTrop (MAP29)

Ancient Aliens - Illuminati Revealed (MAP18)

Doom II the Way id Did - Well of Wishes (MAP32)

Vela Pax - Excella (MAP01)

Vela Pax - Apollyon (MAP05)

Pirate Doom - Dead Men Tell No Tales (MAP51)

Sunder - Precarious (MAP05)

Epic 2 - Mebius (MAP13)

Epic 2 - Orion's Belt (MAP14)

Epic 2 - Gunman (MAP18)

Epic 2 - Escape (MAP19)


Stardate 20X7:

Sun/Moon/Stars (MAP01)

Eastern Sun (MAP02)

Amethyst III (MAP03)

Sphinx Rising (MAP05)

The Other Side (MAP06)

The Grand Ballroom (MAP08)

Do You Believe? (MAP09)

Hopscotch (MAP31)


Unlisted are maps I thought were good, but either do not remember or whose wads I did not finish.

Clearly, I think Stardate 20X7 and Epic 2 are stellar wads and Plutonia is my favorite.

All these wads save Sunder can be found by a quick search on this very site.

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I love Slaughterfest 2011 Map29 (Chocolate Pain by ToD)

I always have a lot of fun playing that map.

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So much I could list.


Doom: E1M1, E1M2, E1M6, E1M7, E2M2, E2M4, E2M6, E2M7, E3M2, E3M3, E3M6

Ultimate Doom: E4M2, E4M6, E4M7, E4M8

Doom 2: MAP01, MAP05, MAP08, MAP11, MAP13, MAP14, MAP15, MAP20, MAP23, MAP29

TNT Evilution: MAP10, MAP16, MAP19, MAP26, MAP29, MAP30, MAP31

Plutonia Experiment: MAP05, MAP11, MAP18, MAP22, MAP27, MAP29, MAP31, MAP32

Master Levels: Attack, Virgil, Canyon, Geryon, Minos, Vesperas, Ttrap, Subterra, Black Tower, Bloodsea Keep, Paradox

Crusades E4M2 = hitscan hell.

Endgame.wad MAP07 = is one of the best levels I've ever played. It's fun, it's challenging, it has atmosphere, you name it.

So much more I need time to think before adding them.

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TNT Evilution's MAP09 (Stronghold) because it has tons of low tier enemies and it becomes a slaughter, it is a nice assault on a techbase map.


No Rest For The Living MAP01 is a nice techbase construction and that other map called Vivisection because it has a nice hell+flesh theme and nice progression.


Also that map from UAC Ultra where you have to use Hazard suits to survive because there is no air outside. It forces you to be aggressive and take risks, great map! Great wad in general.


Also E4M1 has good atmosphere and is challenging, when I replayed the original IWADs a few years back it was the first map where I legitimately died. In the original 3 episodes I'd only extremely rarely die because of a rocket accident or some stupid shit but in E4M1 the shotgunners at the start got me lol ... I died later, too, because it's very  cramped. I sometimes use the map to test ports because of its dark lighting and the Spectres at the start (so I can see the fuzzy effect)

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Back to Saturn X Episode 2 MAP20: Speedtraps for the Bee Kindgom


Community Chest 2 MAP24: The Mucus Flow

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