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Doom Nightmare fuel

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2 hours ago, TakenStew22 said:

It wasn't until I found out that if you look on the automap this maze is ALOT easier. I heard that in the original version it won't show you which of the platforms are death.

You mean if you look at the automap on a source port that shows teleporter lines it is easier. There's also the beginning hallway to consider.


Well, the incredibly ambient D_OPENIN gave me some nightmare fuel when I first listened to it, scared me from playing Doom II MAP30 for quite a long time until I got older.

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I scared very easily as a kid and Doom was certainly no exception, especially the Icon of Sin (both the boss textures and the notion of a dude's head on a stick) and the ending graphics of Ultimate Doom episodes 3 and 4, which I avoided as much as possible. Despite this it was my favourite game and still is today.


There's only thing that stills bothers me about Doom and it's something I only started noticing consciously recently.


Revenant tracer rockets fill me with the most intense primal fear of being hunted and my own imminent death. They're fast, unpredictable and persistent and will likely end your life at low health or in rare instances, simply knock only 10 health off you. I wonder if the randomised damage makes them scarier due to being even less predictable.


I swear that few other things can spike my cortisol levels so severely in a video game. It may seem melodramatic or totally irrational ("lol revs are perfect and balanced, just git gud at movement") but Revenant rockets are my own personal video game hell.

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46 minutes ago, FraxGamer314 said:

Stealth Archvile in a flickering light level.

Can you imagine someone creating a Dehacked patch that made Archviles have the fuzzy effect and gave them raise states? Then use them in a map in pairs? Let's hope noone does that, that'd be cruel.





Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0
Doom version = 21
Patch format = 6

Thing 4 (Archvile)
Respawn frame = 887
Bits = 4456454

Frame 887
Duration = 8
Next frame = 892
Sprite number = 31
Sprite subnumber = 21

Frame 892
Duration = 8
Next frame = 893
Sprite number = 31
Sprite subnumber = 19

Frame 893
Duration = 8
Next frame = 243
Sprite number = 31
Sprite subnumber = 17



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@VGA have you played "The Eye" wad? In very end of level you climb to very high tower to kill hordes of mancubus, small spiders, revenants and one Cyberdemon. In that time one archvile appears in bottom of tower, revives monsters and comes after you... after you kill them all, you get three fake exit switches. First one brings one archvile, second - two, third - 3. Not only they revive revenants and barons around, but they can easily push you off the tower... climb up to find all monsters alive or load save game... I really wanted to give up, but i got mad and beated it. Pistol start and no freelook or jumping.

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Nothing much scared or gave me creeps from as a kid to nowadays playing Doom


The only two things that creep me out as a kid in Doom was it's dead bodies, and the face wall texture, but doesn't give me the creeps that much as I grew up.

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When I open up a room that triggers a bunch of Revenants their combined ear-piercing screech almost always jumpscares me. Seriously, it's loud as fuck. Please don't do this when making maps folks.

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Some would say that unexpectedly teleporting into a circle of cyberdemons would be nightmare fuel. I disagree. This falls into the category of just impossible, which isn't nightmarish. It's just the kind of situation that makes a player think, "Screw you, mapper. Why am I playing this?"


If you did want to use teleporting into a circle of cyberdemons (or archviles, Barons, etc.)--and have it be nightmare fuel (a la Ichor's statements about paranoia)--may I suggest this approach:

  1. Have two teleporters in a room.
  2. On the other side of the room, behind clear walls, are two cells, each containing a teleport pad.
  3. In one cell, surrounding the teleport pad are four cyberdemons.
  4. In the other cell, the teleport pad is surrounded by health bonuses/medkits/armor/weapons/other beneficial things.
  • You have a 50-50 chance of teleporting to certain death. The clear walls are necessary so that you can see the cyberdemons, but they can't see you. (For the clear wall, use one of the tricks described here, for example, or one of the Boom or ZDoom-specific flags for transparency.) You can add a subtle visual clue as to which teleporter will lead you to death if you want, depending on how nice you want to be.

Otherwise, I would side with more mundance instances of nightmare fuel, including multiple enemies coming at you from different directions, forcing you to prioritize and move. An example of what I'm talking about:

  • Walk into a room from the south. As you pass a certain point, have three things happen in quick succession:
    • Hitscanners appear in the south end (either in closets or teleporting in).
    • Archvile appears in the north end (either in a closet or teleporting in).
    • Another type of monster or monsters appears from the east and west sides (like a horde of demons for this).

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