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Phoenix Speedmusic Session 6- Spooky Doots (THEMES)

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Man I just keep announcing these later and later every month don't I? Anyway now that ASS is over for this month I figured I would announce the next PiSS session :) It will of course be held next Saturday on the 27th and since it will be just in time for Halloween it will be based around making spooky songs as the post title implies. Not much else to say really. As usual here are the rules for the session:


*You will have 2 hours to write your song + a few minutes to submit it.

*You will get 3 themes to use when writing your song, you can use any number of the themes but You *have* to use at least 1.

*The song must be Boom compatible, so allowed formats are MID, MP3, OGG, MOD, XM, S3M, IT (and any other formats prboom+ might play that i cant think of right now). Tracked formats (.mid/.mod and similar) are preferred over sample ones like mp3 or ogg for size reasons but not required

*When you submit your song make sure you include some basic information like the track name, composition time, daw you used to make the song in, etc. You can submit tracks to either the Discord or on the thread itself, I personally would prefer if you put it in the thread though if possible. Or both places at once, that would be ok too


Link to the PiSScord https://discord.gg/xNnHHGZ Theme suggestions are welcome

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Ok, it's time, here are the themes, I think you'll be able to make some pretty spoopy stuff with them ;)


1. slow tempo, 80 bpm or lower
2. song is in a minor key
3. song only uses any of the following: choir, organ, piano, pads, orchestral strings, synth strings, violin, cello, viola, flute, drums, or SFX bank, or the equivalent of those if making a song in a format other than midi.

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