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Baratus II

Just Demon Closets! by Baratus95

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This possibly took 1 day in half of work, I called it a limit-removing map due to lack of testing via Vanilla Doom2 1.9 and used Crispy Doom. Yes this was tested with Crispy Doom. This is a single-map that uses the DOOM2 IWAD, this map is supposed to be a bit more bigger than Hellro03.wad, Also had play-tested it just to make sure everything works. This was mainly a random idea, so be sure to tell me what you think of this WAD, and be sure to leave some suggestions either to update/fix the WAD or for my next level.


DOWNLOAD is in the Attachment below.


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two small glitches.


first, crusher texture is unpegged.



second: low texture is missing here:



otherwise, a nice small map. strangely full of monsters in a closets, tho...

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Recorded a demo in PRBoom+ for you.

If you don't know how to play demos, just drag it and the wad file on the executable. If your wad file is the same, it will play properly.


It's fine, I liked it. Aside from the issues noted above, I didn't notice anything.

I liked the use of FIREBLU, though, most definitely. I love FIREBLU.

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