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Weapon theories

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After skimming through the gameplay reveal the 100th time, some small notes of detail have become more apparent.


Both the SSG and the Rocket Launcher have runes, likely of the Night Sentinels or Argent D'Nur.  The SSG bares the Doom Marine's personal mark on the lever so it's obviously personalized for him.  Perhaps these weapons origins are not human/UAC and are instead uncovered artifacts of the Night Sentinels from a long time ago?  




Another point of interest is the writing on the side of the SSG's barrel, the way it is written seems like a list of names or a certain phrase.  Perhaps this could be the names of his fellow Night Sentinels?  Or at the very least the weapon he used when he fought along side them anyway.



A smaller detail is on the standard shotgun.  On the weapon wheel its initial model is the shotgun with Grenade launcher attachment.  Maybe the standard issue shotgun already comes equipped with the grenade launcher attachment without the need for a mod drone?  How does one grip the Heavy Cannon?



Many peoples perceptions of the rocket launcher now think it's a "Hell energy" laser cannon of some sort instead of shooting regular rockets because of the open chamber looking like a hellish beam.  Upon looking at the chamber from another angle, it seems that it actually does shoot regular rockets but the rocket is in a firing position from within the chamber, hence the flame projecting out from the rocket itself.  This is supported by the fact the rocket ammunition looks like the original.  You can also see more runes inside the chamber.


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Yeah there seems to be a lot of weird details, like the Ballista clearly being designed by whoever designed the Praetor suit and the armor for the Marauder. And whoever designed the rocket launcher also designed the DoomHunter's mechanical parts, and then there is the kind of, lets call it the soul-foundry in the concept art that also looks very similar to the DoomHunter and rocket launcher. We can sort of deduce that the person behind the praetor suit and ballista is NOT the same as whoever is building these terminator-themed technology, the wretch is probably behind the former and some other entity is behind the latter. Toooo much speculation.

The terminator-esque tech doesn't remind me of anything from Argent D'nur or the Night Sentinels really, there is way too much going on here and they better fucking make sense of it Hugo you know wtf is up please don't make us wonder.

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Also looking at the Heavy Cannon on the weapon wheel, I believe that silhouette around the grip is actually the belt fed bullet links feeding into the back of his rifle.  They might be going for a more "Rambo" style invoking the M-60 in its design.  

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Yes !


The Rocket Launcher looks really odd..it actually looks like coming straight from the 3. hell concept photo the one with the soul forge, energy ...thing...with big skulls.

The design very, very much reminds of it with is ...puzzling.


What strikes me is that the shotgun that has Slayers mark as well as Night sentinel insignia...it also bears a skull with horns that very much reminds of the titainic skelletons from 2. hell concept photo.


Im only obviously speculating and it could be just simple cosmetics but those look like some sort of giants.I have never saw enything similar in Doom.They lay there as they tried to destroy the energy forge place or protecting it and died there.The skull looks smaller and bit human and the horns are small and much diffrent then for ex. titan from Necropolis.


Also Balista bears Night sentinel insignia.






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3 hours ago, blackgoblinmagic said:

They lay there as they tried to destroy the energy forgeplace or protecting it and died there.

Well, considering the fact that both of them are chained up, I don’t think they were there willingly.

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19 hours ago, Pepsiman said:

Well, considering the fact that both of them are chained up, I don’t think they were there willingly.

holy... didnt even noticed that.Thank u.

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