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Best megawads to play Project Brutality/Brutal Doom or Complex Clusterfuck?

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I'm was exitced about fun a Gaming wad.



Chillax (Clusterfuck)

Hell on Earth Starter Pack (PB/BD)

Hell Revealed (Clusterfuck/PB/BD)

Hell Revealed 2 (Clusterfuck/PB/BD)


Any posts giving me a link of best wads for PB/BD or Complex Clusterfuck?

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It looks like you are going for a more slaughter-based approach, so Kama Sutra might appeal to you, as well as the Slaughterfest series. Maybe Deus Vult but I'm not sure if it is compatible with stuff like that. Rush is also fun, but it's not quite a megaWAD.


Personally, I prefer the more classic sorts of WADs when I feel like playing Brutal Doom for some reason. Stuff like the Memento Moris or Requiem.

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how do the wads that you mentioned end up playing with these mods @TaporGaming50? are they manageable? I haven't played with any of those mods extensively but when I was playing more Brutal Doom and Complex Doom, it felt like maps with extremely high monster count became extremely difficult extremely quickly, so I think I stuck to wads with lower monster counts

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Clusterfuck will be pretty extensive if the mapset has a lot of monsters or if the map is too big. I totally recommend that you play some classic wads like Memento Mori 2 or other "recent" mapsets that has Boom compatibility. 

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