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Plutonia as its own episode?

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How would you arrange a hypothetical Plutonia if it was an episode and not a megawad? (With no change to the maps themselves of course but let's not worry about the secret exit)


I think we need a boss fight, so MAP30 would be our E5M8, beggars can't be choosers. And as a secret level, we have to put MAP32(Go 2 It). I mean, come on, we HAVE to! For E5M1 we need a small map, why not MAP01(Congo), it's not a bad map. Then for E5M2 I'm thinking stepping it up a tiny bit with MAP03(Aztec)


We need a meaty map for E5M7 but MAP29(Odyssey of Noises) is a bit out of place, maybe it would be better as E5M6 and we can use another big challenging map for E5M7.


EDIT after reading a few recommendations:


E5M1 -> Aztec

E5M2 -> Baron's Lair

E5M3 -> The Death Domain

E5M4 -> Speed

E5M5 -> Twilight (secret exit)

E5M6 -> Odyssey of Noises

E5M7 -> Anti-Christ

E5M8 -> Go 2 It

E5M9 -> Hunted

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Ghost Town

Barons Lair




The Death Domain

The Final Frontier


Odyssey of Noises (Secret Level)



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E5M1: Aztec
E5M2: Caughtyard
E5M3: The Twilight (exit to secret level)
E5M4: The Death Domain
E5M5: The Final Frontier
E5M6: Bunker
E5M7: Odyssey of Noises
E5M8: Go 2 it
E5M9: Hunted (secret level)

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I'd like a Ep.2 progression, which would be like this:


E5M1: Aztec

E5M2: Baron's Lair

E5M3: Abattoire

E5M4: Speed

E5M5: The Twilight (secret exit)

E5M6: The Final Frontier

E5M7: Anti-christ

E5M8: Go 2 It

E5M9: Cyberden or Hunted...either of those works.

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I also tried to kind of explain why I chose each one.


E5M1: Well of Souls - Congo's a bit too simple; I think this is better.

E5M2: Caged - A good continuation.

E5M3: Speed - The quintessential Plutonia level.

E5M4: Slayer - A personal favorite.

E5M5: Tombstone - Another favorite.

E5M6: Antichrist - Pretty much the climax of the original difficulty-wise.

E5M7: Odyssey of Noises - A must-have.

E5M8: Go 2 it - I can't possibly not include this.

E5M9: Hunted - For the gimmick. Idk where I'd put the secret exit to here though.

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Hmmm, I am surprised so many choose Go 2 It as a final map. But it's interesting. A primitive slaughter map instead of a clunky IoS map, nice.


And then Hunted makes sense for the secret map. It's a divisive map, you either love it or hate it, which is great for a secret map because it's skippable! I will edit the OP to make a nice list of popular choices.

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E5M1: Congo (good starting map)

E5M2: Crypt (reasonable next map)

E5M3: Death Domain (hey if it's in PSX Final Doom in front of Onslaught, fuck it)

E5M4: Twilight (exit to secret map here)

E5M5: Speed (pretty difficult E4-styled level)

E5M6: Abbatoire (fun slaughter level)

E5M7: Tombstone (penultimate map that is quite confusing)

E5M8: Odyssey of Noises (large final level, could use hypothetical tag that is necessary upon killing cyberdemon)

E5M9: Go 2 It (fits more like a secret level, yes)

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1: Hunted

2: Hunted

3: Hunted

4: Hunted

5: Hunted

6: Hunted

7: Hunted

8: Hunted

9: Hunted

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